Life and times of Millennial mums

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Motherhood can be especially frantic when you add into the mix the fast-paced online world. From researching the internet, to sharing advice and posting the latest baby snap on Facebook – our new generation of mums is operating at faster speed than ever before.

“We know that today’s mum is fulfilling multiple roles and often multi-tasking as she goes – including juggling a speedy nappy change while trying to keep a wriggly baby or curious toddler still,” said BabyLove’s Jessica Trinh.

BabyLove’s Spokesperson, Clinical Psychologist Leanne Hall, says Millennial mums are the Queens of multi-tasking.

“Research shows that the brain changes according to generational changes in the environment. So, if you consider today’s fast paced social media driven environment – this means that Millennial mums have brains designed for multitasking.”

Other Traits of Millennial Mums

  1. They are tech-savvy and highly connected through social media
  2. They embrace change, are open-minded and optimistic
  3. Image is important – from how mum looks, to their toddler’s fashion
  4. Highly informed – From Dr Google to mums’ forums, they have an insatiable appetite for information
  5. Higher levels of anxiety as they juggle multiple roles and idealistic expectations.

Hall warns that the modern expectations of the ‘perfect’ life – as often shared through the social media lens – can be an issue for young mums who feel pressure to live up to perfect images of parenthood, or experience competitiveness, anxiety and even guilt.

“Today’s parents face the added pressures and expectations of social media, and living up to society’s idealised expectations of motherhood, but the reality is that perfection doesn’t exist and sometimes nothing goes to plan,” said Hall.

Hall has these top tips to help mums juggle the demands of multiple roles:

  1. Identify your priorities. Focus on what’s most important and resist the temptation to get drawn into trying to do “everything”.
  2. Be flexible. Having a plan for the day is fine but any mum will tell you that curve balls can be thrown at any time. It’s important to learn how to adapt to the unknown.
  3. Learn how to say NO. Not just to your child, but to everyone else who wants your time. Setting healthy boundaries is important – even if it means saying “no” to a close friend or even your boss!
  4. Challenge perfectionism. Guess what? Perfection does not exist. Learn to be okay with being enough, by always remembering that YOU ARE ENOUGH (just the way you are).
  5. Take time out. Stop. Pause. This isn’t being selfish, it’s about self-care. You cannot nurture others from an empty cup. Learn to fill yours by taking time to be mindful, meditate or simply sit with a cup of tea and your favourite book.
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