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Want to remove hardened skin on their feet? Even if we don’t admit it in public, we all want it. Luckily, we at Her Collective had a chance to review Milky Foot.

What is Milky Foot? It is a luxurious at-home pedicure treatment, which removes hardened skin through its intense peeling action. No effort required. No tiresome foot filing or messy ointments. Milky Foot’s foot exfoliation socks do all the work for you.

For 45-60 minutes, you sit there, work on your desk or watch something on TV, while your feet is soaked in the Milky Foot formula. It doesn’t hurt. Even when your feet start to peel after three days, it still doesn’t hurt. You’d probably be surprised to see your feet peeling – my family definitely was. But that’s part of the whole process. It will feel a bit strange walking around for a while with your skin peeling off. Don’t walk around barefoot. Use slippers, even when you’re inside the house.

It lasts for around a week, then the whole process is finished.

Milky Foot’s Intense Exfoliating Foot Pack is formulated with milk ferment filtrate and mandelic acid (from almond milk). The fitted boot provides a comfortable, rapid treatment. The formulation penetrates the whole foot thoroughly.

This suits those who:

  • don’t have time to go to the salon
  • want to give their feet a makeover
  • want to treat rough, hardened skin
  • want to treat painful, dry cracks.

Milky Foot Giveaway

Wanna have nice pretty feet again? SIX Her Collective readers will have a chance to try the Milky Foot active packs at home. All you have to do is:

  • Subscribe to the Her Collective newsletter (check out our sidebar)
  • Answer the questions in 100 words or less: How do you keep your feet pretty?

Australian residents only. Competition closes end of business day December 13, 2017. See full terms and conditions.

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  • Hmmm pretty and feet isn’t something I’d use in the same sentence hahaha. I keep my feet moisturized and always wear toe-nail polish. A foot spa at home is a regular on the weekends too 🙂

  • Three times a week I’ll soak them in warm soapy water for an hour and then file the excess skin off before applying a moisterizer and keep them toasty in a pair of socks.

  • I trim callouses and corns regularly with a pumice stone or an emery board or callous file. By removing callouses it helps prevent cracks from forming in the skin.

  • I use the Paraffin Wax Treatment which makes my feet feel incredibly soft. The warmth of the wax helps to increase the blood flow and opens up the pores in the skin which means they are able to absorb more moisture.

  • I moisturise them each night after a shower and before bed. I do regular DIY cuticle and nail care as well as remove hard skin with a pumice stone and file.

    I also keep my feet looking pretty by painting my toe nails in pretty colours and this makes me feel good.

  • My poor tired feet, they are wrecked by the end of the week. Weekly feet time is essential, and includes a a nice warm foot bath, exfoliating, and a foot rub with some nice moisturising foot cream, all while listening to some relaxing music. #nurseslife #runofmyfeet.

  • I keep my feet pretty by visiting my local nail bar and having a pedicure every second month. I love going not just to clean up my toes but they have the most awesome massage chairs you sit in and funny bloopers (on mute) on TV. It’s so blissful to relax in peace and quiet as I’m a busy mum of four.

  • I cant keep my feet pretty no matter what I do so milky feet may be what I need to succeed and allow me to wear sandals again

  • I keep my feet pretty by having a pedicure about once every three years haha!

    In all seriousness though, I really do need to look after my feet better. I do loofah them regularly in the shower and I always have nail polish on. Does that count?

  • When my purse gets heavy with coins, I empty them into a little treasure box. When it gets full (usually by summer) I treat myself to a salon pedicure. It’s such a wonderful and relaxing experience. Getting rid of dead skin feels so good. I’d love to attempt a bit of at home pampering to get this feel good experience more often.

  • I love wearing out there colourful patterned and character socks to pretty up my feet. They are bright, bold, different and even cheeky. They make a great conversation starter. I also rub my soles over with a pumice stone to help prevent skin hardening. Ewwww!

  • My feet are not so pretty, theyre really dry and cracked, no matter what i seem to try they always look like that!
    Id love to try some Milkyfoot to make my feet feel soft again, and if i find it really works ill share some with my friends!
    I rub, I scrub, I moisturize and grind,
    but my feet just never come up looking very fine,
    with summer already on the way id love to show off newly soft feet
    to all the people that i love, and new people that i meet

  • I always paint my toe nails a chocolate colour.
    I feel pretty and receive a ‘Bounty’ of compliments on feet that don’t generate ‘Snickers’ !

  • They lift weights constantly (me) so they’re toned, and “Toe Chi” several times a week keeps them supple. I make sure they put themselves up every afternoon to relax, as I know that daily meditation feeds their soles.
    Pretty? No. Like me, they’re not as young as they used to be, and it shows (but we call it “character”).
    As for a beauty regime, well… they’re clean. They prefer the “au natural” look around the house, but I dress them up with a touch of colour on their nails for special occasions.

  • OK, I’ll admit it, I have a really bad habit of keeping the tops of my feet pretty by painting my nails in bright, bold colours but am extremely neglectful of the bottoms of my feet, which are rather shabby to say the least. As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind”!

  • I definitely paint my nails, and I do give my feet a soak even now and again but probably not as much as I should. I moisturise them after my shower, and file them once a week. That’s about it! Oh, and if I exfoliate my body (every now and again) I include my feet.

  • Pretty is certainly not how I’d describe my feet. I’d have to start with a high powered sander to get the callus off my heels, then some clippers and nail file to get my toenails in order and maybe one of those fish tanks with the little fish that eat all the dead skin.
    To be honest milky foot would be much faster and probably much more painless.

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