Me time. WTF is that?

Only once you become a parent do you truly understand the value of “me time”. The simple pleasure of reading a book or even having a coffee uninterrupted becomes the stuff that dreams are made of.

But they’re no longer just simple pleasures. They’ve become guilty pleasures too.

When was the last time you sat and did… absolutely nothing? And did you feel good about it, or did it just lead to a dreaded case of mum guilt?

I know the sanity-saving importance of me time but even in that ‘me time’, why do we always feel like we have to be doing something?

It’s virtually impossible for me to sit still and just relax. I’m too busy thinking of all that time wasted that I should have used to do something useful. Like sorting through our gazillion photos and creating a photo book; Going through another bag of hand-me downs for my daughter; Putting away the washing; Writing a blog post.

As a work from home mum with four young kids (including a toddler) I don’t have a knock off time. I’m on call 24/7. Much of my day is invested in the kids and their activities. My social life is pretty much theirs. And date night… What is that!?! Most of my ‘spare’ time is consumed by work. If I’m not working I tend to feel guilty taking time out.

I’d love to:

  • Read a good book
  • Take my mum out to lunch
  • Finally get that pedicure
  • See a movie that I actually want to see

But what I’d really love to do is just be. But it’s hard for me to sit still and be devoid of thought. I find myself creating ‘to do’ lists in my head of all the things that should really be getting done.

The art of doing nothing is highly underrated.

Everyone – parents especially – needs time to explore the thoughts in their own head, rather than be distracted by the calls and demands of life with a family.

Sometimes, every so often, it’s important to stop rushing, to sit and just be. As mums we spend the bulk of out time, physically, emotionally and mentally, caring for the wellbeing of others. We need to pay more attention to ourselves, because its long overdue.


  • Take a nap
  • Bask in the sunshine for 10 minutes, without your phone
  • Run yourself a bath

Practice being, not doing.

When was the last time you sat and did absolutely nothing?

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