Review: MAM Feel Good glass baby bottle

We’ve just discovered, an extensive online baby store, which is pretty much your one stop shop for everything you need for you baby. From bottles to tooth brushes, from nappies to strollers, they’ve got you covered.

baby bottles

Baby Nests offers a selection of popular international and Australian brands including Sassy, Munchkin, Jollybaby, Micralite, Dreambaby, Gaia, Luv Me and many more.

They also exclusively stock a wide range of high quality MAM products. MAM is a well-established European brand, internationally recognised as the “Oral Care Expert” for babies, but is very hard to find on Australian shelves much to the dismay of many Aussie mums!

MAM products are carefully developed in co-operation with paediatric and dental specialists to satisfy a baby’s fundamental sucking instinct as well as proper oral development. MAM is also know for their patented unique silk teat technology and their Self Sterilising Anti Colic Bottles.

I recently tried out the MAM Feel Good glass baby bottle with my daughter. Glass seems to be an odd choice for a toddler, but it is super tough and has already withstood a number of accidental drops. The premium glass is highly temperature resistant to you can put it in the microwave or dishwasher. Its easy to clean with its wide opening and my daughter took to the silky soft teat easily. The cap is clever in design too, doubling as a measuring cap.

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  • At 19 months he still cant go without his bottle and guarantee it will bring a smile to his face

  • Her ‘Bear-Bear’. It’s looking a little worse for wear due to going through the wash so many times, but she still loves it.

  • My little girl is 2 weeks old today. She’s not a big fan of the binky, but she definitely can’t do without the swaddle.

  • Her fluffy little bunny, they’re bosom buddies, joined at the hip. Can’t sleep, eat, bath, do anything without little bun buns by her side 🙂

  • At the moment , Aubrey simply cannot do without Mummy at all, ever, doesn’t even want daddy or nanna, but Mummy isn’t complaining.

  • My little boy loves his dummy
    He wont let go, even for mummy!
    One to suck and one in each hand
    he sucks and twiddles, never planned!!

  • My girl took a liking to her brothers superman doll. It’s soft and she chews the cape like mad. He gets so upset that it’s always soggy that I’m thinking of bribery to get him to give it to her and I’ll buy him a new race track.

  • My littlest one can’t live without her ‘dum-dums’! (Dummy/pacifier). Just a little comfort for when she needs to go down for a nap does the trick.

  • My baby cannot go without his clip! I don’t know how many dummies we lost before we discovered this amazing invention!

  • My son Tate he just love to suck on his mam natural pacifier he cannot sleep without the natural comfort it provides.

  • My baby girl Lucy Belle loves her oxfam giraffe called Lafawnda. Although she is only 15 weeks there is a whole lotta love there and a growing friendship.

  • Her plush dog, its her comfort toy, cannot sleep without him si we went and bought 6 more as back ups.

  • My Son Bentley is 10 months old and he will not go without is teething giraffe called Sophie!!
    We can hide it anywhere in the house and say to him” Bentley where’s Sophie gone” and he will search everywhere for her. Bed time is cuddle time with Sophie!

  • She can’t do without me blowing a big raspberry on her tummy after bath-time. Or maybe I can’t do without it!

  • My 2 year old cannot go anywhere without Elsa from Frozen. Her Uncle gave it to her last year and it goes everywhere even in the sandpit

  • mr almost 2 has a favorite pillow that he cant go without and when he is awake its his bubble machine

  • she can’t live without this cute little kitten plush toy. She won’t sleep without it. Might have to buy her a real one when she’s older

  • My Grandson can’t sleep without his Dinosaur Sarah , he loves his Collection but she is his favourite, he carries her around daily and especially when he goes to bed 🙂

  • My 20 mth old granddaughter can’t live ( or sleep) without her “baba” ( her first doll).

  • Bubs is Due in August so atm he or she is having a massive party in mummas tummy and is sure to be a footy player or scoocer player and loves the sound of daddys voice Absolutely goes nuts when they have little chats

  • My 3 month old girl can’t do without her big brother. He never fails to put a smile on her face!

  • My baby can’t live without dummies…and we keep loosing them so would love to try the MAM brand with the clip 🙂

  • Daddy time. Something mummy quietly looks forward to, also! It’s a great bonding for the two to experience, having one on one time after daddy finishes work.

  • She cannot do without her bottle. I am sick to death of inferior products which make her choke and take in too much air. At last someone has done some research into a better product for baby.

  • My baby girl (Almost 9 months) cannot live without her bottle. and not only because she loves her milk, but also because she loves to cuddle her bottle, like a baby would a blanket, upside down of course, so it leaks everywhere, and if we even attempt to move it she will wake up instantly.

  • My 17 month old cannot live without her booby millk and her uncle, if she’s is asleep when he arrives home she shoots straight up out of bed and MUST meet him at the door.

  • Baby cannot go without my body’s life supply. Still in the womb and can’t wait to meet her.

  • My grandson just can’t do without his Nanny Moody, she is always there and always will be there for him.

  • My 10 month old baby girl can’t be without her giraffe Volli, it already has hole inside and doesn’t look so good. But she still love’s it.

  • My 4 month old can’t do without his Lamaze Ladybug toy. Takes it everywhere he goes, he’s loved it from birth!

  • Wet wipes or baby wipes, as you never know when the next spill or change time will be.

    Would love a green pack xxxx

  • Anna (8 months) loves all things cats, real or stuffed. They make her giggle and smile all day long

  • My 7 week old loves pulling the blanket up near his face. I am forever pulling it away and wrapping him tight but he’s a strong little man and gets out of it

  • My baby girl cant go too sleep with out her dummy & bottle without is she says no mummy no sleep ? so cute

  • Mummy’s morning cuddles, kisses and glass or warm milk. Every morning we have the same routine and I know that they love that. It’s the best way to start the day for them and me 🙂

  • I am a first time pregnant mum but from what I have seen and heard a MAM bottle and favourite toy seems to be the things you should never leave the house without.

  • The one thing my beautiful 11 week old Chloe can’t be without is me at the moment. She cries when she can’t see me and her smile lights up when she can.

  • My daughter is having her first baby. This granny loves the purple pack and I’m sure my new grandbaby will too.

  • As a Nanna of an 18 month old granddaughter and 12 day old grandson, i find
    my grandchildren can not do without their Nanna and Grandpa.

  • My baby can’t go without her stuffed beagle. It goes anywhere and everywhere. It has to be included in photos too.

  • Without her bunny rug, my baby can’t sleep,
    When she takes it to bed, I don’t hear a peep,
    She loves it so much, a spare I need to keep,
    Because if she loses it, she really does weep.

  • My boy can’t do without the clip that holds his dummy close – the noise in the night is terrible if he can’t find his dummy.

  • My little Sofi cant sleep without her pacifier she just love it and keeps moving her mouth all night long

  • My little one cant go without his soft rug.
    He snuggles, and wipes his face,so snug!
    I try to wash it, so it smells nice
    but screams abound fill the house!

  • Calming, soothing and comforting the Gro-Clock Night Light with Bedtime Storybook is priceless (Admittedly though I cant live without it too)

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