Introducing Lvly Melbourne

Like surprise gifts? Then you’ll love LVLY!

Earlier this week we met up with the team behind LVLY (pronounced “lovely”) a new kind of gifts-on-demand service based in Melbourne.

They curate a small range of gifts from local suppliers and provide a same day delivery service across Melbourne.

In a little over 12 months they’ve grown from a team of two to a team of six people and they are fast becoming the go-to delivery service for flowers and small, thoughtful gifts.

Lvly Melbourne

Whether you want to send a surprise gift just because or you want to treat your mum for Mother’s day we highly recommend you check out their gorgeous range here.


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  • My friend picked dropped me off at the airport at 12am which was nice as I could see was really tired after a long day with the kids.

    This week I shouted my mate some dinner at a lovely spanish restaurant as I knows she’s a little tight with cash which she will not omit.

  • My mum is so thoughtful and kind she picks up everyday after school while I work and always has him fed ready for me to pick him up.

  • In the car at a red light, man in a motorised wheelchair was crossing & somehow his bag opened and all his belongings fell out and blew into the intersection. Without a second thought, both my wife and I jumped out and collected everything for him, seeing it all safely back in the poor blokes possession. He wasn’t in a good way and I can’t believe NO ONE else even attempted to help him, some were laughing, but the bulk of them tooting for us to get off the road and move our car. Makes you wonder what this worlds coming to, society isn’t what it used to be.

  • We recently had a new person start within my sales team and I’ve been struggling with the work life balance thing since working full time hours of Monday to Friday now. The new person doesn’t have kids so wouldn’t understand to the full extend how I feel but has always offered to swap or cover my shifts. Has always been sympathetic towards me when I’m needing someone to listen to my rants and whines.
    It’s the small things that when someone does something kind for no reason and wants to just genuinely help ❤️

  • I invited a school mum to dinner at my house as I know she’s just recently separated from her partner and only works part-time as she still has young kids at home. Money, patience and help is in short supply I imagine during this difficult period.

  • This week I have minded my step grandson from 6.45 am till 5.30pm, same day drove to my son’s to spend time with his dog, as my son works long hours, and his lab is a needy rescue dog, then took a packed lunch and went to see Angry Birds at the movies. Each day I spend time with long time family friend who is suffering PTS, and speak or spend time with another dear friend struggling with personal issues. Today I won my daughter and a friend prizes in a comp. My days are busy, but I feel very blessed.

  • My daughter’s partner was unwell, I had a day off work and spent the day making him soup and then drove it 60 minutes to their home so that he would have good food to eat whilst my daughter was at work.

  • I love mowing all the nature strips in our street. Sometimes I’m even caught in my neighbours front yards. They are all extremely grateful, but I just love making our street look beautiful, and my neighbours weekends a little lighter for them.

  • Two months into his first full-time job, my son surprised me recently with tickets to ‘Matilda’ for my birthday… I guess two decades of preaching that ‘giving is just as important as receiving’ has paid off: a win-win all round!

  • My nan came down with a chest infection, so I made her chicken soup and drove it down to her, the smile on her face made it all worthwhile!

  • After a tough day at work, my eight-year-old daughter told me I was beautiful and I was her best friend forever.

  • On a cold, windy Melbourne evening around 10.30pm, there was a loud knock at the door. Two ladies, a dog and a lot of possessions is what greeted me. I had never seen these people before. They were not from the area and desperately needed to get home, and asked if I could call them a taxi. I ended up going with my heart and drove them to the closest station. It was so lovely to just go back to basics of being a kind, helpful human being, and expecting nothing in return. In this day and age being cautious is a given, but I believe the essence of being a human is helping those in need. 🙂

  • A new higher role, Bae’s energy levels were certainly taking a toll, giving love and support in a home cooked meal, spaghetti marinara and bottle of vino presented with zeal!

  • I had lost my wallet and had no money. Some kind man overheard me on the phone. He pulled out 50 dollars and said get yourself a cab. I went to thank him but he disappeared

  • Several years ago caring strangers saved my life via blood transfusions and without them, I wouldn’t be here so I pay it forward by regularly donating blood – it’s the least I can do to say thanks! 🙂

  • I’d been pretty stressed at work lately and had been getting bad headaches and neck pains. My wife saw the signals and told me she’d booked me in for a massage last weekend. I’d never had a massage before, and always thought it was pretty girly, but I was wrong. It was great. I felt like a completely new person on Monday morning and had a better week because I was so relaxed. I wanted to pay her back with some flowers, but a month’s worth is even better.

  • My beautiful sister is taking me to the Peninsula hot springs for a spa day after what can only be described as a month we would prefer to forget!

  • I have a dear friend who is in hospital with Terminal Brain Cancer! We all know how great hospital food is… so we took her Devonshire Tea complete with tea cups and saucers and linen napkins. She adored it. It was so wonderful seeing her so happy!

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