Her style: How to look luxe for less this winter

look luxe for less

We’re talking to Chelsea Thomas from I Heart Bargains about how to look luxe for less this winter. Chelsea knows just how hard it is trying to maintain a sense of style while juggling work and being a mum and have not much time to do anything, let alone spend hours trying on clothes.  She bases her blog around the fact that budgets get tighter as your family grows and today she’s chatting to us about her budget-friendly fashion tips for autumn and winter.

Q&A: Chelsea Thomas on looking luxe for less this winter

look luxe for less this winter
The colour of this winter season is…

Dare I say it…..red! More a deep red, instead of fire engine red.

Boots…. how low or high should you go?

Ankle boots are still my go-t0. The trend is erring towards slightly higher than ankle, that are at a mid-calf height.

If I only buy one new outfit this season, it should be…

…a warm, woollen, long, winter cape

Date night. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I want to look HOT. What should this 30-40 something mum of 4 wear?

A wrap dress with bat winged sleeves is a good option, so automatically the waist is drawn in and it’s flattering on the bust. Wrap dresses are possibly the most underrated piece of clothing a mum (feeding friendly) can own!

looking luxe for less

You should never wear anything that…

Makes you feel uncomfortable or flustered.

The best outfit for you is the one that…

You do not have to think about and it makes you feel a million bucks. You always step into it with confidence and find yourself in a good mood as soon as you put it on!

look luxe for less

How do you go about picking your outfits?

Find a focus point of the outfit. For example, a well-fitting pair of pants and build everything around them. This routine can be played out with a fabulous pair of earrings as the focus point or a bright pair of metallic boots.

My other ‘rule’ is.. if it’s tight on the bottom, have it a little bit loose on top and vice versa. If it’s tight up top, loosen off the look of whatever bottom’s you wear.

looking luxe for less

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