Little Ondine toxin free nail polish review

Little Ondine toxin free nail polish
Image from Little Ondine.

What’s so special about this Little Ondine nail polish?

It is toxin free and peelable. I have a whole manicure kit in my house – complete with acetone, nail file, pusher and the works. Growing up with an aunt who is a beautician taught me a thing or two about nail care.

But I always get tired of the nail removing bit, especially when they start to peel off and you have a busy week and can’t spare two seconds to do your nails. Plus, the constant use of chemicals is bad for my already brittle nails.

After finding out about Little Ondine, I was more than happy to try it. Aside from being toxin free, you can just peel the nail polish to take it off. Literally peel it off. It makes it easy to change nail polish when they start to chip from the constant dish washing and chores.

“General nail polishes do contain many chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl and camphor and they are present even though there aren’t any visible side effects. By choosing our polish, you are eliminating the nasties and staying away from acetone and inhaling those funky fumes that come with the polish and remover. The absence of chemicals means you may see some separation in the bottle, or other naturally occurring product changes. That is one of the side effects of using naturally derived products, however just shake it or warm it and you are good to go,” the company said.

Little Ondine toxin free nail polish review

As stated in the instructions that come with the box, you need to avoid contact with water and liquids for a minimum of two hours to make it last longer. No oils and creams too before and after painting your nails. They say it lasts for around 3-5 days. For my case, it was around the 3-day mark but I think it was because I totally forgot the avoid-water part and washed the dishes. Make sure you don’t paint the skin around the nails because it will peel off quicker.

I am glad to have this option for myself. I can just have it on my desk and paint my nails then peel it off when I want something else. Makes things a lot easier for a working mum.

Disclosure: Not a sponsored post. We just tried the product out ourselves.

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