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Dear Mums everywhere,

The thing I’ve been thinking about a lot is the powerful connection between us and our children; where do we end, and they begin? Usually, us mothers act as if we are no longer women ourselves once we give birth. Oftentimes it feels like we’re voluntarily giving up our entire beings, self-love and self-respect in order to surrender to parenthood completely and be considered “good parents”.

Some call it selflessness, others call it the lack of self-love. So, I got to wonder: do we really need to prove love to our children by completely neglecting ourselves? In fact, I do think that the more we love ourselves and care for ourselves, the more our children pick up on that wonderful energy we’ve got to offer. No, no one is saying put your pedicure before breastfeeding. I’m just asking whether it would be that bad if we loved ourselves and cared for ourselves just a little bit more than we do? I should hope not.

Power of Woman

I believe in the power of a woman to change herself and the world.
I believe in the power of motherhood to bring up wonderful human beings that will make a difference.
I believe the importance of self-love is bigger than the banality of every day.
And I honestly believe that all of us supermums should start caring for ourselves more and make 2018 our success story.

If you are with me, go through the tips below. I honestly think will help you bring sunshine in your life, empower you, help you cope with every day (motherhood) dilemmas, and become an even better version of yourself.

Ask for help

We all know that being a mother is a full-time job. Sometimes, when I manage to do everything in a day (which I often don’t) I picture myself as Gal Gadot (only less fit and way more tired) and give myself a virtual pat on the shoulder. God forbid I try to squeeze in some work while the baby is still small! So, I think it’s time we ask for help – whether it’s from our husbands, hired nannies, the baby’s grandparents or Mary Poppins – we need it, and we need it now!

The moment our bodies and minds get to recharge a bit, when we manage to get more than three hours of sleep per night – our nervous system will start regenerating, our skin will look better, our digestion will improve (hey, we all know how horrible this one can get) and we’ll instantly feel better! No, you won’t be less of a mother if you ask for help. You’ll just be a human being that needs to rest. Simple as that.

Trust a diary

No matter how wonderful, motherhood can get incredibly overwhelming – sometimes to a point you’d rather scream at the top of your lungs than change your baby’s nappy. It’s okay, I know how it feels. One of the best ways to deal with everything without projecting it onto your baby, your hubby, the other kids or your immediate surroundings is to journey inward. Diaries will help you process the emotions you are having by writing them down and understanding what’s happening. Sometimes, just penning something down unleashes a huge burden and helps you go on with your day successfully. If you’d rather not have anyone accidentally stumble upon your notebook, try with diaries online – they are a perfect substitute.

Treat yourself

The key to staying normal and actually loving yourself is investing some time into bettering your mind and physique.

I’d suggest including a little physical activity into your daily routine like walking around the block or going for a yoga class. Yoga is both a phenomenal meditative exercise as well as a physical one – you get to relax and improve your body all at once.

Pampering goes a long way so try to treat yourself to a hairdresser, massage and a beautician a few times a month. Risking to sound superficial, but – looking better will make you feel more alive, and help you stay your happy, gorgeous self.

Try to have fun

We are all too serious about everything as if parenthood and being grown up comes with a rule that says “DON’T YOU DARE HAVE FUN EVER AGAIN”! Let’s all try and chill a bit. Approach raising your child as a fun game that will make you stronger, smarter and more ready for everything else that comes in life. Go on dinner dates with your husband, take the weekend to go somewhere together as a family and explore. Watch funny movies, dance while cooking, play! Try to mentally go back to the time you and your hubby were dating, and remember how fun that was – now implement it into your family life.

I hope the advice above will help you because I know they helped me. It did take some time and adjustment but it was all worth it in the end.

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