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LEGO BionicleMy seven-year-old has recently fallen in love with the LEGO Bionicle collecton. I asked him to share some thoughts on why he likes it so much for this post.

A man of few words, he told me “they’re cool and fun”.

When I probed some more so he added that “they’re trying to capture a gold helmet, except for the aliens who are trying to keep it safe from them. My favourite one is the purple person.” He also wants me to add that he “likes their weapons”.

He was very excited to open his LEGO Bionicle package when it arrived in the post. LEGO + battles + hero monsters… Just his kind of thing.

The creatures are a trickier level of LEGO – the pack we received is for 6-12 year olds – but he set to it and carefully constructed his LEGO Ketar Creature of Stone in one sitting.

Having created his LEGO creature it was great for him to see them come to life in the new LEGO Bionicle DVD released last week.

The Volume 1 DVD includes two episodes and is rated PG for mild animated violence.

** Our LEGO Bionicle giveaway is now closed **

Congratulations to AmberB who has won the DVD plus a LEGO Ketar Creature of Stone.

Competition ended 24 August 2016. Please see full terms and conditions.

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  • Lego provides the pieces for endless possibilities, fueling and expanding little minds and imaginations. As well as being fun for big kids and grown ups too.

  • Lego is amazing and is a must for all children.I love how they have different Lego for different ages and also how they seem to always have a theme that is new and different.

  • lego was around for my children growing up using there imagination to build and enjoy kept them now for my grand children to play

  • LEGO is timeless! It is such a fantastic way to be creative and EVERYONE in the household can get involved in the fun. It’s the perfect ‘keep the kids entertained and not fighting’ activity for rainy days.

  • It’s just very satisfying to build something and to see the result, it’s creative, intuitive and the characters are great !! One purchase, years of fun 🙂

  • Lego is creative, fun and your children grow with it and can enjoy new challenges as they get older.

  • I love how lego brings joy to anyone at any age. It helps us think outside the box and use our creative sides.
    I think lego is fantastic and fun!

  • L – Let your imagination run wild!
    E – Entertains the kids for hours
    G – Good educational tool
    O – Old & young alike love it!

  • Lego opens the mind and calls for originality, the imagination is the only thing that holds us back!

  • I love that Lego play can be both a relaxing and thrilling activity. Even I have fond memories of creating a masterpiece when the kids haven’t been around. Best of all it’s brought our family together sharing ideas, allowing us to unleash our creative side while testing our patience and fine motor skills. It would be a welcomed surprise to add a Lego Bionicle to this years Christmas stocking.

  • From the mouth of a 6 year old while his arms were stretched wide, I got the response ” Lego, I can make really really really big, very big things”. Love it!

  • I love the way that my grandson asks his Nana to help him build Lego models. I had all the joy of playing and buying Lego for my son now his boy is giving me back that pleasure all over again.

  • that is educational for my kids, fun to play with and they get to use theri imagination and creative skills to build the best creations

  • I love Lego because I find With my 7 children aged 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 17 and18 it is something they all love to play together. Even my husband and I get in on the action. It’s an all season Fun time for a rainy or non rainy day.

  • It’s so transportable. A 2500km drive across the country and 3 pop up tidy caddies meant for rear of car and the kids can stay amused for ages. You can give them all the lego in the world or just a handful and their imagination works without limit. A few wash off texta and their cows had spots and their dinosaurs had teeth. P.S. I stitched a Velcro strap to the base that goes round one leg so when one forgets to hold it…. no big lego search!!

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