What to do when leaving the kids with hubby

I am a work at home mum (WAHM) so I barely get out of the house. On top of my workload, I also handle everything – from the little one’s school activities, to the cable guy, the groceries, the laundry, the vet visits and so on.

So when my work calls me to be away from home every now and then, I not only have to plan my trip but also the things that need to be covered at home.In order for me to have a peaceful time away, I have things I need to do first. I have lists to make and things to organise so I don’t constantly wonder how things are at home.

Maybe you’re in the same situation too so check out my list below and feel free to add your own.

List what goes in the school lunchbox – To be safe, I usually leave some money at the school canteen so it’s easier. All hubby needs to do is order in the morning and that’s it. I’ve also taught my daughter to do it herself just in case hubby forgets. The rest of the things that need to go into her lunchbox I list on the fridge – for each day that I’m away (things like crunch ‘n sip, recess snacks etc). And I make sure the fridge and pantry is stocked.

List what uniforms to wear on which days – I list which days need to be sports uniform days and which ones have normal tunic days. Also, I list which tops, dress and bottoms go together – and where to find them.

List what she needs to bring to school – If it’s a week when there are activities at school, I have to list what she needs to bring. This is on top of library day, homework day or home reading day.

List after school activities – Aside from listing when, where and what time my daughter’s lessons are – like swimming, karate, singing etc – I also list what she needs to wear and where it’s located. I make sure the bags are ready beforehand and everything needed is in the bag. Also, if she has after school playdates, I list the name, contact details and address.

Dinner ideas – I have to make sure there is food in the fridge that is simple to cook or can be reheated. I take into account hubby’s cooking skills, which is a bit rusty after all these years of not doing much of it, and how busy he’s going to be sorting everything out without me.

Just to be clear, I don’t do the list because I think hubby is incompetent. We have a dynamic in our home – things I handle that he forgets and things I forget that he handles. He’s not used to my routine and so I don’t expect him to remember it all naturally. That’s why I make it as easy as possible for him to handle both my duties and his while I’m away.

Also, because I may be addicted to lists.

Do you have a list of your own?

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