Lake David – the ultimate group escape

Lake David group escape

I’ve been playing football (soccer) for the past few years with an absolutely awesome group of women. Every season there’s about 18 of us playing together, and we are all mums who have become great mates along the way. We like to win, we like to escape the kids for a few hours every Sunday, and we like our end of game champagne most of all… Its our reward for making it through an hour and a half of hard grind. I swear our goalie Sheena shouting out “only 15 minutes to champagne ladies!!” is the only thing that gets me through.

As the season starts, if not before, we start planning our annual weekend trip away. A few years ago we discovered the ultimate group escape and its hard to find a more idyllic setting away from it all… No kids, no neighbours, no (or very patchy) Wifi, and you don’t need to pack much more than your sense of humour.

Welcome to Lake David – an absolutely beautiful estate set on 40 acres on Lake Yarrunga, 20 minutes out of the village of Kangaroo Valley.

Lake David

The first time I drove up the crunchy gravel driveway I instantly fell in love with the peace and serenity. It was one of those misty days and there were kangaroos everywhere. The setting and the house are both gorgeous. Think Home Beautiful meets Country Living. The house is styled to within an inch of its life, yet still manages to have a really cosy, warm and welcoming feel.

Lake David group escape
So much attention to detail
Lake David
The perfect space to nurse a cup of tea, or a hangover…
Lake David
A room with a view

There’s a pool, spa, tennis court, well-equipped games room, library and the most magnificent country-style kitchen with two ovens, two dishwashers, two double fridges and a rustic dining table that seats over 20 people. You can go bush-walking or kayaking, find a cosy nook to read or watch a video (Breakfast Club anyone?) or take the time to just be. There’s loads of wildlife too – kangaroos are everywhere and I spotted 12 wombats when I went for a walk by the lake at dusk.

Lake David
Tennis anyone?
Lake David wildlife
We’re going on a wombat walk…
Lake David group escape
Lake David kayaking

Lake David sleeps 18 with a mix of double and single beds. Most rooms come with an en suite and some even have their own private courtyard. There’s lots of community space, and enough private space as well. For us mums its enough to have some time out away from the kids for a few days, let alone spend it somewhere with such a relaxed vibe.

I love how the owners have taken care of every detail and everything is so clean and immaculate. I have chatted to one of the owners – Chris – a few times and he does a nice job of greeting you, getting you sorted and then leaving you be.

Lake David
Deb, our midfielder, makes a mean Harvey Wallbanger!
Lake David
Perfect space for pre-dinner drinks

Its a little exxy if you were to hire the house for yourself: $5500 for a two night weekend stay. But if you split it across 18 people like we did it works out okay. And the chance to escape with some great people is well worth it.

I’d recommend Lake David it for a weekend away with the girls, a hen’s weekend, a family reunion or even an intimate wedding. I have never been with kids, but there would be loads for kids to do as well.

Kangaroo Valley is a short drive away if you need anything, like a special treat for the kids from the old school candy store, but what I love about our weekends here is that you really don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. You can be as active or lazy as you like. Lake David is quite literally off the beaten track which makes it a great destination to spend quality time with good friends. It also means no one else will hear you scream in your 80s active wear outfit…

Looking forward to going back!

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really enjoyed my stay

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