It’s totally okay to go crazy in your 40s

And by crazy, I mean do stuff that you’ve always wanted to do like say, get a tattoo!

I got that when I turned 42 this year. I couldn’t afford to do an Elizabeth Gilbert but hey, at least I got the “LOVE” part covered. I call that Winning at Life.

Next on my life list is to run a full marathon. 42@42. 42 kilometres at 42 years old! I was thinking of getting that as another tatt but where should I have it inked?! 

Confession time. I do not know how to swim properly. I have a phobia of some sort. I almost drowned when I was around six-years-old. And I am shit scared of going underwater and I will not venture beyond the five feet mark. BUT I am planning on rectifying the situation, facing the fear head on and letting my inner mermaid out. I will be enrolling at a swim school very very soon. Hold me accountable will you?

I got my driver’s license (after some much nagging from my kids!) when I turned 40 so I reckon getting my swimming act together should be a breeze. At least that’s what I’m telling myself! 

There’s something about this quote that just makes me want to do things. Life is too short to be a scaredy cat. So here’s to doing more stuff that scares the hell out of you.

H. Jackson Brown quote

I am owning my 40s. I reckon I should get “go crazy in your 40s” printed on a gazillion t-shirts. There’s definitely a market out there.

Are you in your 40s? Done anything crazy lately?

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  • I’m definitely doing crazy stuff in my 40s. After years of resisting, I’ve finally worn a snake (I have a massive phobia). I’ve swam in the ‘cage of death’ with a crocodile in the NT. I’ve kayaked with the kids in mangroves, and gone down water slides with them. I’ve swum with sharks and manta rays. And bared my mumma body in a bikini. I’ve done way cooler things when I was younger but I kind of lost my edgy side after kids, so I’m enjoying rediscovering this fun side again.

  • I love the quote. I am the same with swimming. I have a phobia of drowning in deep water. For a while I’ve been saying I need to learn to swim properly. Now that my girls are both getting better at it, I really need to bite the bullet and go and do some lessons. 🙂

  • Love the title – a great reminder for me. I’m almost halfway through mine, and looking for that trigger to reactivate the good crazy/fearlessness from my younger years. Wonder why it dwindles over time (or maybe that is just me!)

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