Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventure – An awesome family day out

Illawarra Fly with kids

The Illawarra Fly and Treetop Walk is a fabulous destination with kids. We went recently and all had a blast, and I totally recommend it for a school holiday or weekend family adventure.

The Illawarra Fly is in NSW’s Southern Highlands, about 25 minutes inland from Kiama. The location is stunning, offering sweeping views back down to the coast, across forest and picturesque countryside.

We had to leave little Ms R behind for this one as the zipline is only suitable for kids 4+, but I am sure we’ll be back again one day when she is older because we had so much fun.

Our plan was to go on the Treetop Walk before ziplining, but we didn’t leave ourselves enough time – you need to allow about an hour to navigate the Treetop Walk to make the most of it. However we did take a sneak peek. The kids were a bit nervous walking out on the steel platforms as you can see the drop below your feet, but my nine-year-old ran off along the platforms, enjoying the buzz of being so high above the ground.

Illawarra Fly with kids

It was soon time for us to report back to HQ for our zipline tour. We were all a little bit nervous during the safety briefing, but once we were all strapped up and checked by the crew I was feeling good – so many checks and balances!

You start off with a short zip to the first cloud station, which is more than enough to get your heart pumping. I didn’t actually ask what happens if someone panics and wants to turn back, but I am pretty sure it is all one way… Luckily my boys all loved it, and my youngest was already asking when we could back when we were only half way through!

My four-year-old and I rode tandem, while my seven-year-old and nine-year-old zipped solo. It was a bit tricky coming into land at the cloud stations with my son on my lap. You have to raise your legs as you come into land, but if you miss your landing (like I did) the guides posted on each station will reel you in.

Illawarra Fly

I have to admit I felt a bit wobbly walking across the suspension bridges, hanging some 35 metres above the forest floor. But the scenery is spectacular and its great to get the adrenalin pumping.

The zipline tour is a mix of suspension bridges and cables which you slide along like a flying fox. So. Much. Fun!

Once we had finished zipling we took our time exploring the Treetops Walk. Having been so high on the zipline we were no longer feeling wobbly on the platforms and just enjoyed the view and the serenity.

The highlight of the walk was Knights Tower, 106 steps above the platform. The views up there are fantastic. We went on a fairly windy day but the tower was rock solid.

The Illawarra Fly lowdown:

  • Illawarra Fly and treetops Adventure is 25 minutes from Kiama, 1.5 hours from Sydney or 2 hours from Canberra
  • Its open every day from 9.00am – 5.00pm (last admission at 4.15pm)
  • Prices: Adults $75, Kids 4-15 $45 (but you can save 20% off these prices buying online).
  • Zipline tickets include admission to the amazing Treetop Walk
  • Kids must taller than 105cm and over 4 years of age to go ziplining
  • Younger kids can visit the Treetops Walk, which is also pram and wheelchair accessible, however there is no lift access to Knight’s Tower.

This isn’t a sponsored post but my family was given a free pass to the Illawarra Fly and loved every minute.

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