How to stress less

What stresses you out? Is it a lack of sleep? Trying to come up with dinners the kids will actually eat? Keeping on top of the housework? The state of your bank balance? Progressing in you career? Making sure the kids have done their homework? Finding time for you? [Insert countless other things here]?

Take a moment and read our 10 tips to help make life easier and a lot less stressful:

Just say no!

Decide on your priorities and stick to them. Trying to do too much is a great way to build up stress, so don’t be afraid to say no every now and again, and again (if needed).

Give yourself time out

Take a little time out every day for yourself. Just 15 minutes a day to yourself can help reduce stress and make a world of difference.

Call a friend 

Your mum friends will understand if you haven’t called in weeks. They know what it’s like to be drowning in chaos and clutter. Steal a moment to give them a call to catch up and relieve some stress for both of you. It’s socialising without having to do your hair. Bonus!

Ask for help

When things pile up and you are feeling stressed out, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help, and when it’s offered don’t knock it back. Accept any offers of assistance. A helping hand makes life a whole lot easier.

Create a routine

Put together some sort of routine that works for you and your family, and stick to it. Creating order amongst the chaos helps clear the clutter that can sometimes occur in your mind – prevent stress before it happens!

Screen free time

A great way to reduce stress is to make family time quality time. Turn off the TV during dinner, and talk to each other. Switch off from everything else, and switch on to your family.

Get rid of the guilt

Toss the mum guilt in the bin. Not as easy as it sounds? You’re right, but make an effort to take it easy on yourself. You’re doing a great job and guilt is very unproductive.

Keep it simple

Make it easy for yourself. Forget the three-course dinners and the fancy meals; the kids won’t eat them anyway. Keep things simple and stress free, and make life easier for yourself.

Plan ahead

Take 10 minutes on a Sunday night to plan your week ahead. Get out your planner app or the good old diary and pencil in who is doing what, and who is going where. Staying on top of your week can stop stress before it happens.

What’s been stressing you out lately? And how do you cope?

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