How to dress to impress

While active wear has become increasingly acceptable in almost any social situation there are unfortunately still a few occasions in life when your yoga pants just can’t cut it.

When it’s time to pull out the big guns and dress to impress we are often left in a tearful, clothes strewn mess of depression because we have somehow forgotten how to dress for real life events.

Often events catch us by surprise; a special lunch or dinner, a date or meeting with someone new or a job interview. All these ‘out of the ordinary’ events can throw us for a fashion loop and send us into a spending frenzy.

No need to max out your credit card at your local Westfield. Here are my top five tips to dress to impress.

  • Try things on

Get into your wardrobe and get trying. This is a great time to purge anything that no longer fits, doesn’t look or smell fresh or is broken in some way. No need to even consider anything from the ‘nightclub appropriate’ section of your wardrobe.

  • Look for the classics

Important events usually call for a classic look. That doesn’t mean pearls and twinsets but it probably means a step up from denim. Look for items in black or navy that are tailored and have some structure to them. Shirts, skirts and blazers all fall into this category but certainly don’t need to be worn together.

  • Check the shoe situation

If you’re keen to impress then say adios to your Havianas . Choose a shoe that is comfortable and that you can walk in. It’s much harder to strut into your hot date if your feet are being slowly strangled to foot death by your stilettos. Tan and black are safe choices but feel free to add some personality with a colourful shoe.

  • Go undercover

Make sure you have suitable underwear to wear underneath your outfit. No black bras under white shirts in this situation (even if you totally rock this look in your day to day life). If you are dressing to impress then stick to simple t-shirt bras and comfortable undies. (These rules certainly don’t apply if it’s a hot date but that’s a whole different topic.)

  • Shop selectively

Got nothing? Why not beg, borrow or steal from a friend or sister (that’s why your mother gave you a female sibling right?). And if you absolutely have to shop then stay FOCUSSED! Use a list and stick to it. Find the items you need for this occasion. You can come back for all the sparkles later. (Once you land the corporate job!)

Dressing to impress is one part outfit, nine parts confidence. Channel your inner warrior princess and send your stylish vibes out into the world. You will nail it!

Tell me, have you had to dress to impress recently?

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How to dress to impress

While active wear has become increasingly acceptable in almost any social situation...
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