12 ways to kick start a healthy eating plan

healthy eating plan

Ahh, New Year, new beginnings. Is it just me, or does pretty much everyone talk about becoming healthier as a New Years’ Resolution?

There aren’t too many people who haven’t made some kind of declaration in the weeks after Christmas that they’re going to “lose weight”, “get fit” and “eat better”.

If your New Year’s Resolution is about kick-starting a wellness journey, here’s some healthy eating tips to get you off on the right track:

  1. Write out your top ten positive reasons for eating better
  2. Get organised and plan what foods you need to buy – there is no doubt that you’ll need more fruit and veggies than usual.healthy eating plan
  3. Get rid of all the junk from your pantry. Give it away if need be. Just get rid of high fat, high sugar and high processed foods so that you will not be tempted to snack during the day or when sneaking a little me time.
  4. If you’re worried about getting hungry, keep healthy snacks like carrot sticks, yogurt, fresh fruit, or whole-wheat crackers on hand.
  5. If you find that you just cannot bear to toss out the sweets, try keeping something tiny on hand, like chocolate chips. Eating a few of these won’t ruin your healthy eating regime but also will give you that little sugary fix you crave.
  6. If you often eat in a rushed hurry at odd times of the day, you probably are not getting the best foods possible. Plan ahead: Instead of grabbing a fast food lunch on the go, take a packed lunch to work, complete with a healthy wrap and some fresh vegetables. Plan for healthy meals in the evening by cooking on the weekend and freezing for the week if you are pressed for time.
  7. Plan to journal your food intake. Whether this is via a blog, or in an old exercise book, or on post it notes, write down what you are eating and WHYhealthy eating plan
  8. Enlist support, from friends or family. Ask them to share your enthusiasm. Ask for their ongoing encouragement. Maybe search for some online support via wellness forums or podcasts
  9. Set mini goals and mini rewards for yourself, and write them down. These will be your focus – your delayed gratification. Avoid food rewards
  10. Remember that you don’t have to go too strict too soon. Follow some diet tricks if you’re finding it hard to go cold turkey from bad foods.
  11. Educate yourself and read up about healthy foods. You’ll be surprised that some of the things that you thought were healthy, actually aren’t.
  12. Then, write down how sensational you are going to feel when you start eating better. Write it in the present tense. Describe all of the positive outcomes that have come about as a result of you getting healthier and losing weight. Write it, feel it, believe it.healthy eating plan

If you don’t currently have a healthy diet, it can be difficult to start a healthy eating plan. Especially straight after the excesses of Christmas, and when there’s still leftover pavlova in the fridge…

So start with baby steps. Even if you only replace one soft drink a day with a glass of water, you are already improving your calorie intake.

And try swapping your favourite foods that are not so healthy for a healthier alternative. There’s no need to skip your snack, just swap it. Take baby steps once again, no need to swap all your favourite foods all at once.

When you start by taking small steps, it doesn’t seem like you are cutting out all of the foods you love or starving yourself, and the road to a more fabulous you will be that much easier.

Good luck!

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