Halo Top sugar-free ice cream review

Halo Top sugar-free ice cream review

I may just have discovered my little nirvana on earth.

A couple of months ago I saw Halo Top sugar-free ice cream on my Instagram feed and immediately asked where I could get them.

Not in Australia because they were only in America. I was devastated.

Then recently I saw that Woolies actually stock them. I realised it was my duty to review this brand of ice cream to let you know if they are indeed ice cream-tasting.

(They are.)

Admittedly, I was quite apprehensive at first. I have tried a lot of variations of healthy ice creams where they taste nothing like ice cream. I was expecting the same for Halo Top.

I was happily surprised to find that this low calorie ice cream tastes like ice cream. I tried the only flavours available at Woolies – Chocolate, Birthday Cake and Mint Chip. The website actually shows around 17 flavours. We are missing out big time.
Halo Top sugar-free ice cream review

All flavours did not disappoint. But, like any other ice cream, I have my favourite ones. Mint Chip and Chocolate did it for me but the Birthday Cake one was strange. I mean, although it was good, I didn’t know exactly what it was. It tasted like vanilla with sprinkles. My mind couldn’t compute it. Still, we managed to finish the whole thing quickly.

So why such low calorie? Halo Top uses organic Stevia as sugar combined with erythritol (sugar alcohol). You can do your own research about sugar substitutes to decide whether you want to try Halo Top or not. But when it comes to taste, it tastes like ice cream.

I am happy having this as an alternative but still keep in mind that, like what we say to our kids, it is ‘sometimes’ food.


Disclosure: Not sponsored, we just really wanted an excuse to try it.

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