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As the parents farewelled each other at the end of our under 6’s debut football season, it suddenly occurred to me that we hadn’t organised a present for our little team’s coach and manager… Noooo!!!

While our presentation day isn’t until next month and I am quite close to some of the parents, there are others that I won’t see again until then. So how do we get organised and get a group collection going?

Enter Group Together, an online system created to take the hassle out of group collections for things like end-of-year class presents for the teacher, or last minute collections for Under 6 football coaches…

Group Together was set up by two Sydney mums, each with lots of kids and who always found themselves buying gifts. They love giving gifts but understand that these days no-one wants more STUFF! So they created Group Together, which allows parents to collect money for a gift, without the waste, and then invite, remind and collect the money for you. Everyone’s happy. No chasing people. No being out of pocket. No hassle.

It sounds genius and just what my situations calls for, so I am giving it a try.

Group Together

The step-by-step process is super quick and easy. I did double take at the “contribution fee” but on reading the detail it is nothing out of the ordinary: For each contribution they charge a small fee to cover transaction costs. Just like Aldi. You have the choice to take the fee out of each contribution, or add it on top of the contribution. The choice is yours.

You select the end date for your collection, you can name it, you can even design an invitation to be part of the collection, using a template to create your own personalised message with your own photos.

There’s also an option to create a group card which would be great for big groups like school classes – everyone gets the chance to upload a photo of themselves plus add a personal message to the recipient which is a nice touch.

Group Together

The collection is then ready to be emailed out or, if you don’t want to upload email addresses, you can just share a link. I like that you can email yourself a test, as you’re never at your best as an editor into that moment after you’ve pressed “send” 😉

Once you’re done you can log into your dashboard at any time to see how many people have opened their email and how contributions have been made. You also automatically get emailed every time someone makes a contribution. Group Together even sends out reminders to friends who haven’t responded so you don’t have to keep chasing people. That’s the best bit.

Once your collection has closed, Group Together transfers the funds to your nominated Australian bank account. Too easy.

The only problem I have now is what to get Brad and Todd… Any ideas??


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