Books we like (Young Readers Edition)

good books for young readers

We’ve been reading up a storm! Here are some good books for young readers to lose themselves in.

My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord – This sequel to My Brother is a Superhero follows Luke, resenting his superhero brother Zack, then finding out that his gym teacher is actually an alien overlord determined to take over the world. No one believes him, of course, so he has to find a way to save the world on his own. More of the review here.

When Friendship Followed me Home – What a heart wrenching book. Totally worth reading. It follows the life of a foster kid, Ben, who finds a dog who ends up being his best friend, and a strange girl who ends up snatching his heart. It deals with cancer, child abuse and various other adult things but written in such a beautiful way. There will be tears but it also warms the heart. More of the review here.

Trouble and The New Kid – This book is part of the Trouble series about Georgia and her friend dragon, Trouble. This is a very enjoyable book for kids who love dragons and fantasy. The illustrations are beautiful too. In this one, Georgia is trying to convince the new kid at school to believe that Trouble exists before the dragon disappears into oblivion.

Dog Man Unleashed – This is book two of the Dog Man series by Dav Pilkey. It’s a graphic novel about the protagonist that’s half policeman, half dog. The kids will enjoy the evil cat, evil fish and evil flat cat (it will make sense when you read it). It’s entertaining and hilarious and fits well for kids who love comic books.

The Fail Safe – If your child is into action and spy books, this one is a good book to follow. Start with the first book in this series, The Cut Out. It’s about a teenager named Fero who realises his life has been a fake and his parents are not his real parents. A page-turner and a thrilling book for young readers. Just a warning, it contains some violence given the protagonist is a spy. More of the review here.

The Wolf Wilder – Heartwarming and beautiful. This book is set in Russia, about a girl named Feodora who retrains wolves who have been kept as pets by rich people. Her quiet life is shaken up by a general who is hungry for power. Perfect for animal lovers. But bring tissues for this one, especially if you really love animals. More of the review here.

The Fall of Butterflies – A young adult book that is fun and well written in a teen’s perspective. It’s about the life of Willa, a small town girl who moves into a fancy private school and is exposed to the world of the rich. But don’t be fooled. Although it will make you laugh, it also deals with serious issues such as teen addiction, depression and suicide. Andrea Portes writes the issues without being preachy. More of the review here.

Songs that Sound Like Blood – A book for young adults, this is the story of a small town aboriginal teenager with passion for music who dared to dream big. Roxy finds the strength inside her to follow her dream despite being alone in a new city and new school. It also deals with issues like alcoholism, aboriginal life and teen sexuality. Read more of the review here.

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