Review: Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica

Once upon a time in my career-driven youth, I found myself working in Russia. In the middle of winter. It was so very exotic and foreign to me, and so exciting!

My boyfriend of just a few months (now my husband) left everything behind in Australia to meet up with me in Moscow when I wrapped up the project I had been working on.  We travelled for several days on the Trans-Siberian railway to Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia. It was such a beautiful, untouched part of the world to explore, and also one of the most romantic experiences of my life.


Now, many years and many kids later, it was nice to have fond memories rekindled by a wonderfully-fragrant delivery from Natura Siberica – an organic beauty brand which has just launched in Australia.

natura siberica soapOriginating in Siberia, the high-performance products are formulated with unique Siberian ingredients including pure, natural and organic flowers and herbs which have been wild harvested, meaning they are gathered in their natural Siberian environment at just the right time. The responsibly-sourced native ingredients have been used for centuries for health and beauty by locals and even Russian royalty. And they are made from amazing stuff. Think about the harsh winters they’ve had to survive!

There are 26 products in the new range, including shampoos and conditioners, body and bath products. I have been using the Oblepikha Siberica hair mask for severely damaged hair and have found it has made a difference to my hair – it’s much less frizzy after washing and noticeably smoother after drying. I have also been using the softening
cream soap
which smells divine and has a lovely silky feel to it. It also looks much more glamorous in my bathroom than our usual soaps.

The Natura Siberica range uses Siberian Pine Nut Oil as the base for all of its creams, conditioners and shampoos to protect against the harmful effects of sun, wind, cold and extreme environments. And you can really notice the difference.

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  • My man took me away for 4 days… 2 of which he had booked fishing trips??? YAY??? Saltwater splashed in everything, oversunned skin, dried out lips and skin. YAY for MY choice if the grandparents return for babysitting again.

  • The ‘R’ word is a distant memory – one I would love to revive… I am guilty of letting life get in the way of romance, and would love to prove I’ve still got it!!

  • Married for nearly 24 years
    lots of laughter ..lots of tears
    3 kids later ….. a very busy life
    Sick of being a boring house wife
    Need to rekindle that naked flame
    True romance …I need to reclaim
    to be pampered …taken care of
    to show and display our true love
    My marriage is ready for a reshape
    With a wonderful warm ROMANTIC ESCAPE ❤️❤️❤️

  • It would be amazing to have a romantic escape with my partner. He has been an absolute star this year and I love to treat and spoil him when I can.

  • The kids are screaming
    I’m daydreaming
    Of time with my man
    Wherever and whenever we can!
    Romance isn’t tough
    We just don’t get enough!

    (Thanks for hosting the comp.)

  • I have been married for 5 years, have a 4yo, work full time so the little one is in full time childcare, which makes me feel guilty, thus weekends are spent trying to spend time with her, family, 3 step kids, and friends on the odd occasion – Romantic time for my hubby and I? Possibly one weekend a year if we are lucky (and I can convince my parents to look after the little one!)…. would love some ME time, let alone some US time 🙂

  • After a year of illness and with two new babies, I would love to be able to escape to my bathroom and luxuriate with these gorgeous products. A romantic private shower with the husband is always rejuvenating!

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