Tween beauty: Girl Lane

Girl Lane review

Girl Lane is a funky new skin, body and haircare range designed for ‘tweens and teens.

The range has been created by three very passionate mums who realised there were no options available for young girls gentle and effective enough to help protect and nurture their girls’ skin and hair.

When I asked my 11-year-old niece what sort of beauty products were out there for girls her age she said “What else is there (in skincare) except Oil of Olay?”

According to co-founder, mum and pharmacist Deborah Williams, young girls have beautiful skin, but it is immature and fragile, and needs to be protected and strengthened daily. Girl Lane products are specifically formulated for young skin, with a balance of science and natural botanicals to provide the optimum quality skincare.

Girl Lane has 15 different products in its range from paw paw lip balm to hydrating shampoo, all available in funky, colourful packaging.

Girl Lane tween beauty

The products are grouped in different colours to help identify the range:  Hot pink for body care, purple/green for skincare; light red/orange for haircare.

The packaging is fun, modern and on trend to cater towards the ‘tween market. 11-year-old Ms M reports that “the style of writing stands out; it looks cool with the circles, kisses and hugs”.

The lovely Girl Lane team sent out some different products to Ms M to road-test. She loved her pack and couldn’t wait to start using the lotions and potions. Girl Lane products have since become part of her daily skincare and haircare routine. Her skin is changing as she approaches her teens so now is the right time to start moisturising!

Here’s her lowdown on the different products she tried:

Girl Lane reviewGirl Lane Nourishing Face Moisturiser 50ml

  • “Makes my face feel soft”
  • Easy to apply
  • Not greasy

Girl Lane Gentle Body Wash 250ml

  • “Makes my body feel nice and soft”
  • “Love the foam”
  • “Smells nice” – mild coconut

Girl Lane Detangling Mist 125ml

  • “Love the smell” – Japanese Plum
  • “Makes my hair feel soft”
  • “Less knots in my hair which makes my mum happy!”

Girl Lane review

And what about my sister, Ms M’s mum? Abigail reports that the entire range is affordable and the moisturiser is light; “perfect for my 11 year old daughter’s skin”. She also likes that there’s no harsh perfume smells.

Ms M’s hair is super long and thick and she washes it herself now which can mean quite a few knots. The Girl Lane Detangling Mist is a lifesaver.

Dance mums will also love this spray to help keep those buns, braids and ponytails neat and slick…

Girl Lane review

You’ll find Girl Land in Priceline, or you shop the range from their online store

The Girl Lane Facebook page is also fun for young girls (over 13 of course!) Its colourful and bright and ties in with Girlfriend Magazine with competitions, celebrity photos and cool apps tweens love like Musical ly.

** Our Girl Lane giveaway has now closed. Congratulations to Julie, Jeanie and Amanda our prize winners **

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  • My teenage daughter would give better advice than me…..apparently it’s all about the eyebrows. If they aren’t spot on, she tells me “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. Words of wisdom from Miss 13.

  • When you’re young, adulthood seems like a lifetime away
    And taking care of your skin is something you do only when you’re old and grey.
    But the truth is, you need to start early when it comes to your skin
    It’s what we do in these earlier years that’s so important, so let’s begin.
    Regular cleansing and moisturising is a must day and night
    To keep the skin clean and fresh and looking extra bright.
    Sun protection is also a must, and is a vital part of skin care
    Especially considering where we live, for complexions dark and fair.
    So take care of your skin, give it the love it deserves, it’s a precious part of you
    It will thank you for it, that much I know, believe me, it’s true.

  • Simple,My advice to my two girls is to drink a lot of water to keep them hydrated and fresh to eat right to put sunscreen on to look after their skin because this outer layer of our body is the one that shows and proof to people how well look after it is.They love their hair so much so they alway have shampoo,conditioner and detangling spray they are so much into girl things like me!!

  • Wear sunscreen every single day. Just because the sun isn’t out in force, doesn’t mean the UV isn’t damaging, especially as we’ve all been blessed with pale skin and red hair.

  • Always cleanse your face, no matter how tired or ‘cant be bothered’ feeling. This will prevent dirt and bacteria entering the pores and will reduce the acne appearing.

  • Wash your face with cold water in the morning as soon as you wake up. Gets you ready for the day.

  • Always look for a sunscreen infused product. If your then too cool for sunscreen at least you will have a little defence and a lot less age spots in he future. My eldest scares easily so a few photo’s of what a lack of skin protection looks like and a great routine we will build.

  • Never leave the house without sunscreen and most importantly a smile!
    It’s important to encourage health and happiness

  • Everyday I do and will always tell my girls they are loved and are beautiful in every way. I tell them to share the power of positive words with their friends too. Every woman should feel comfortable and confident in their skin. So my tip is that a kind word to a loved one or friend is the beginning to beautiful things.

  • To include a little exercise into each day. Its great for circulation and for de-stressing the mind.

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