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Christmas tree decorations

Apparently December 1 is “the day” to put up your Christmas tree.

Personally I think that’s way too late. It’s more like November 1 at our place. And last year I may or may not have put up our tree during the October school holidays. I love putting up our decorations and it seems a shame to have everything up for only one month.

We have a huge Christmas tree and I like to have an ornament adorning every little sprig. We have a wonderfully eclectic mix of decorations which we add to every year. So how could I resist the invitation to check out

The site is a veritable Christmas wonderland where you can buy anything and everything from Christmas trees and lights to animated reindeer hats and Christmas cookie cutters. There is all the Christmas kitsch you would expect, along with more classy and contemporary decorations.

What I really like about the site is that you can sort everything by type (no glass baubles at our place!) price and colour. I was keen to add a bit of pink to our tree this year so it was handy to search on colour alone. And look what I found: 

Christmas tree decorations

Here are some other items we ordered to add to our Christmas decoration collection:

Christmas tree decorations

Christmas Kingdom is easy to navigate and you can buy almost any type of Christmas decoration.

My delivery took just over a week to arrive – which was a little longer than I expected – so if you’re one of those types that put their tree up on December 1 you’d better hop to it!

It’s helpful (scary?) that the first thing you see on their homepage is how many days it is until Christmas. They also have loads of hints and tips on Christmas decorating, even a recipe for making your own reindeer food which is very cute.

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

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  • When our children (now 16, 15 and 4) were born, Nanna and Pa got them all a Russ teddy bear. We soon discovered there are beautiful Russ Christmas decorations also, and have been collecting them for them every year. When they leave home (if I ever let them 🙂 ) they will each have a lovely set to take with them, and possibly pass on to their own children in the future 🙂

  • Our favourite tradition is money in the Christmas puddding. My grandmother always did it and the tradition has continued. We loved it as kids and I still do 🙂

  • I love everything about Christmas, but my favourite thing to do is to play all my Christmas CD’s and sing along with Bing Crosby, Michael Buble, The Ten Tenors, and Dean Martin to all the wonderful Christmas songs/carols. It makes me feel so fantastically festive!

  • Christmas eve is our traditional family movie night. We get all pyjama’d up, eat lollies and popcorn and enjoy some classic christmas family movies before it’s bed time. Christmas can certainly be a hectic Time of year so it’s lovely having a peaceful moment before the madness.

  • Our favourite Christmas tradition is a relatively new one; we’ve only been doing it for the past five years or so, but my three young daughters and I choose a charity like World Vision or Oxfam, and “buy” gifts to help raise money. The kids get a personalised card each, which they display in their rooms. This year, we are going to “buy” a gift for their teachers from the World Vision Smiles catalogue. I want to teach my kids that Christmas isn’t just about receiving, but about giving too.

  • i normally go to my dads where we cook up a turkey,pull crackers, wear the hats, catch up, have custard and mince pies,watch a xmas movie then go for a stroll along the beach in the cool breeze

  • We choose new toys/ presents etc and give to local radio charity appeal or Kmart/Target trees. This year we will donate to Ronald McDonald House at Orange DVD’s and some toys for kids.

    We also do World Vision catalogue and give chickens/mozzie nets and school supplies /soccer ball etc. My boys like to pick each year.

    Christmas Eve we open new PJ’s so the next morning photos are not odd pjs or old t shirts LOL.

  • My dad gets these huge rolls of black plastic and we make a giant slip and slide it’s so much fun for kids and adults

  • We use the same small Christmas tree that my parents bought when they first came back to Australia and mum was pregnant with me. As we grew, we put homemade ornaments on it. I am nealry 39 now and we do this with our 3 year old daughter.

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