Subway KidsPak Finding Dory movie packs

Yesterday we had the chance to attend an exclusive screening of Finding Dory thanks to Subway Australia.

Finding Dory SubwayKidsPakI think I was even more excited than the kids! It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since Nemo first swam across our screens and into our hearts.

The latest underwater adventure has been lovingly created. It’s cute, clever and visually stunning. There’s lots of adventure to keep the kids entertained, a few extra laughs for the grown-us, some lessons on life, an Alien reference plus a bonus voice over from the Alien lady herself.

While there is nothing cuter than baby Dory, my favourite character has to be the newly-introduced Hank. Just wait until you see him 😉

Right now Subway is teaming up with Disney Pixar for the much anticipated launch of Finding Dory, with a promotion of its kids’ meal, KidsPak.

Subway KidsPak

Finding Dory Subway KidsPakSubway KidsPak is a healthy option for kids on the go. It includes a four-inch sub, fruit crush containing 99 per cent fruit and bottled water.

KidsPak is designed just for kids. It offers smaller portion sizes and is perfect for fussy eaters: Kids can build their sub the way they say, by making their choice of lean meat and salads on offer – helping them get part of their daily recommended serves of fruit and vegetables. It is a nutritionally balanced fast food option you can feel good about.

From now until the end of July every KidsPak meal comes with limited edition Finding Dory collectible 3D scene makers – perfect to keep the kids entertained while you finish your coffee, but also a really cool thing for the kids to take home and keep too.
2424_Finding_Dory_PackShot *** Our giveaway closed 29 June, 2016. Congratulations to Stephanie on winning a Finding Dory-themed Disney merchandise pack. Please see full terms and conditions ***

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Subway KidsPak Finding Dory movie packs

Yesterday we had the chance to attend an exclusive screening of Finding...
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