Capture the magic with a family memory jar

family memory jar

The thing that really took me by surprise after the birth of my third, let alone fourth baby was how quickly the days passed. There was no time left to really soak up those precious early weeks and months as my toddler and preschooler were also competing for my attention and there’s well, life.

I always used to tease my mum about there being albums and albums of my big sister as a baby, while my own childhood flashed by in just a few pages.

It’s no wonder second (and subsequent) children don’t appear as often in the family photo book as babies; there is just no time. And if you have been able to put a photo book together since the arrival of a second or third child, you’re doing well. I am currently about 5 years behind in putting together our annual family edition. And am yet to finish my daughter’s baby book and she’s almost three.

Sometimes I’m left feeling like the most beautiful moments in my children’s lives are like leaves falling in the breeze. I catch a leaf and marvel at its beauty, trying to commit it to memory. Then I notice another leaf falling, and I run to catch and treasure it. But then there is another. And another. I race to try and catch them all. I want to enjoy every special little moment, give it a special place in my heart where it will never be forgotten. But there’s no time to because there’s a whole shower of leaves falling now. Some are blowing away; some are drifting unnoticed.

I want to be able to capture each of these precious moments, to preserve them carefully in my heart, but life is SO fast and I end up helplessly racing around kicking at the leaves of my children’s lives, snatching at thin air and yelling “Noooo, stop. Too fast!”

I find it too much of a commitment to keep a journal or diary, so I have decided instead to create a family memory jar. I was inspired by this post over at Andrea’s notebook. Her ideas are so pretty you could keep a jar on display to help you remember to keep filling it up with scribbled notes designed to trigger future memories.

family memory jar

But even if you didn’t have something as pretty as Andrea’s creations, you can still make the concept of a family memory jar work with any kind of box or jar. Like the say, its what’s inside that counts, and wouldn’t it be nice to collect a whole load of boxes over your life filled with the absolute best moments of your life?

I look forward to one day sitting around when the kids have grown up and reading the memories out to them. Reminding them what they were like when they were little. And about the funny things they said and did.

But I am in no rush.

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