Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars review and giveaway

Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars

Eating fat and loving it.

Here at Her Collective, we’ve been eating Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars to feed our sugar cravings. The bars are hand-made, pure and organic where possible. They don’t use sugars, fillers or stabilisers and instead focus on nutrient rich ingredients that are easily digested and provide a great source of energy and satisfaction.

Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars are sweetened with stevia and erythritol so as not to spike blood sugar. They use pasture-raised gelatin for texture and nutrients, and the bars are flavoured with natural oils and extracts, fresh nuts and coconut.

Founders Edit Whitelaw and Cam Burns, friends of 10 years, have set out to fill the void in the Australian market for high-fat low-carb snacks.

Edit is a professional chef with 30 years experience, including the last 10 years as a private chef on super yachts. She refined the flavours of the Keto bars to create incredibly delicious and satiating energy bars.

Here we ask the team about their Ketogenic journey.

How did the idea for Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars come about?

As a professional chef and woman, I have had a love/hate relationship with food all my life. I have travelled the world as an executive chef and loved everything about food. But personally I have always struggled with weight. I have tried every diet imaginable to manage my weight, some with limited success, until I discovered the keto diet and finally found the solution that made sense.

Low fat diets never worked, because I was always wanting and craving food. But with keto I was finally satisfied with delicious food and no longer constantly hungry. Basically, keto is about fuelling your body with fat instead of carbohydrates. It encourages a natural metabolic state that has been almost forgotten in a common Australian diet.

However, when you’re starting keto, you need to eat a lot more fat and it’s a struggle to find easy and tasty ways to do this. There was absolutely nothing available in Australia to help me in the beginning. After much research, I started making the keto bars for myself and a star was born!

Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars
The Ketogenic duo, Edit and Cam.

What inspired you to make Keto Bars?

The bars had been part of my keto life for a while, and I loved the convenience of them. I wanted others to feel the same way I did on keto, happy with my body and energised in life. And most importantly, experience the freedom from food that had haunted me for so long.

As a chef, I had to make them delicious. At Essentially Keto, we spent months refining the flavours and carefully sweetening (without sugar) to develop the delicious products we have today.

What is the biggest misconception about healthy eating that you’re correcting with your bars?

That fat is evil! And the misconception that you need to eat carbohydrates and “eating fat makes you fat”. There has already been an amazing shift away from processed sugar, which is widely recognised as a bad carbohydrate, but the focus of the modern diet is still high carbohydrates and low fat.

The amazing thing about eating fat is that it satisfies your hunger and fuels your body. You no longer feel the need to eat all the time. The constant consumption of carbohydrates leaves you wanting and hungry, which is not the case when you satisfy your body with our Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars.

Our bars are full of good fats from coconut, seeds and nuts, and we are also very proud to help people overcome their sugar cravings with our natural sugar-free sweeteners.

What was the biggest challenge in setting up your business and how did you overcome it?

It was probably deciding on a single product when there is a massive need for all things keto in Australia! We had to make the difficult choice to focus on just one product. Our Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars are great for people starting out; as they help you give up sugar and understand the satisfaction that delicious fat can bring to your life.

Are you planning to extend your products beyond bars? What are your future plans?

Most definitely, the test kitchen is a constant hum of activity. We’re chatting with our customers to develop new products and really pushing our wholesale and online retailing to reach as many wonderful people as we can. We want to help everyone live a convenient and delicious fat fuelled life!

Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars

Our verdict

It tastes like you are eating clean food but, at the same time, it is also indulgent. It really messed with my head for a bit because how can something so natural be so decadent-tasting? My only niggle is that it’s too small – which I quickly realised was designed that way so it’s enough to scratch that sweet craving but not over indulge. Fair enough. But I still wanted more.

And now for the GIVEAWAY

THREE winners will get 10 samples each of the Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars.

All you have to do is:

  1. Tell us in 50 words or less what changes have you adopted to live a healthier life?
  2. Sign up for Essentially Keto’s newsletter (at the bottom of the page) 

Australian residents only. Competition closes end of business day AEST August 7, 2017. Please see full terms and conditions.


Disclosure: We received sample bars to review. And they were yummy.

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  • As a type 1 diabetic I have adopted a low carb lifestyle to live a healthier life. This lifestyle enables my blood sugar levels to stay within range and it gives me the best chance at a long and healthy life with my young children and my husband.

  • I have four children and I run a business full time- I thrive on a low carb diet but convenience has been getting the better of me, keto bars are the perfect start to getting my fuel back on track!

  • I have been following a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting for the past month to heal some health issues. So far it’s been a game changer! But I am breastfeeding my 11 month old baby and am about to go back to work full time so am searching for easy options I can eat on the run to keep me on track.

  • I try to eat as much fresh produce as possible, limiting refined sugary foods. I’ve learnt not to deprive myself though, if I feel like a little treat every now & then I’ll have one, after all, you only live once!

  • A healthy life is my mission! We’ve sold our car, now walk or use public transport everywhere we go – Win for us and our environment. I’ve also started reading the packs of everything we eat. I’m slowly learning good choices to fuel our bodies with healthy happy goodness everyday.

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