Are you having an emotional affair?

emotional affair

Emotional affairs happen.

Between kids, work commitments, family and friends, it is not always possible to spend enough quality time with your partner. Often you’ll spend more time with work colleagues than you do with your own spouse.

People we surround ourselves with give us a variety of support we need and sometimes emotional affairs can start.

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated, especially by his or her partner. But what happens when you are not always feeling that love from your partner? When you are not getting what you need in a relationship, often people turn outside that relationship and seek emotional support somewhere else.

Often an emotional affair starts off with simple conversations, exchanging every day niceties. Then a connection begins to develop and you may find this person is the one you turn to for advice and even comfort. If you start to notice you need to speak to this person on a daily basis, an emotional affair may be where the relationship is headed.

If you are confused about a relationship and wondering if you are actually having an emotional affair, here are six signs to help guide you:

Excitement. When you feel excited to be around this person and often cannot wait to update them on what is happening in your life. You are excited to see them, to share stories with them and to be in their company.

Conscious of your appearance. When you know you are going to see this person, you become aware of how you are presenting yourself. You no longer run out the door without doing your hair and checking your breath first. The clothes you choose become important and you never leave the house without checking yourself in the mirror.

Share secrets. You start sharing intimate details about yourself that previously only your partner and best friend know. Sharing secrets develops a special emotional connection between people that naturally brings them closer together.

Distant when your partner is around. A big sign of an emotional affair is when your partner is around, and you distance yourself from this person, afraid that your partner will be able to feel the connection you have. In social situations when your partner is involved, you purposely avoid having lengthy conversations with this person.

When you leave, you’re on a high. After spending time with this person, you always go away feeling like you are floating on a cloud. It often brings back the emotions of falling in love for the first time with the butterflies in the stomach, a smile on your face and a warm feeling inside.

Wish your partner was like them. When you start to compare your partner to this person and wish they were more like them, you are having an emotional affair. You imagine your partner saying the same nice things or supporting you in the same way but this is when major cracks can appear in a relationship.

Even though an emotional affair shares no physical intimacy, women often connect emotionally with people first before forming any type of physical relationship. Could you be having an emotional affair and not even realise it? And if you are having an emotional affair, could it be the start of something else?

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