Ekoworx review

Ekoworx review

I’ve just met my cleaning product of choice for life. You might have seen it on Facebook.

Ekoworx is the child of two dads, Adam and Justin, from Bondi Beach. After spotting an awesome commercial cleaning system in Japan, Adam decided to work with the clever UNSW Green Chemistry team. Months later, the Ekoworx was born – an all natural, non toxic cleaning product that really cleans.

You only have to see the before and after shots below to believe me.

Okay, so I was apprehensive at first. I didn’t think anything can get rid of the grime and scum in my oven. (As a sidenote, my oven is like that because it hasn’t been cleaned in years – because the toxic smell of the last clean really put me off).

The kit we received for review came with two Diamond Sponges. I used the Ekoworx solution with the sponge – and the grime in my kitchen almost killed my sponge. After 20 minutes of spraying and scrubbing. This was the result. Letting it soak in for 30 seconds helps lessen the scrubbing.

Ekoworx review

My husband’s comment was “Hoy Shitballs”. (Sidenote, wear gloves because the grime will go on your hands.)

There was no smell at all. The product didn’t hurt my hands. I just rinsed it with water then wiped it dry and voila! So very nice.

The thing with Ekoworx is that it is seriously a million cleaner in one – okay 20 in one is the company’s claim. But it’s just so amazing that a product you use in the oven can be used on a leather couch. Here’s the result of my off-white (it was white when we bought it) leather couch after the Ekoworx.

Ekoworx review

The mop that came with the cleaner is fantastic for around the house, especially spot cleaning for dog wees, milk spills, kids vomit or whatever. You only need to spray a bit to get a lot of surface area clean.

It is so natural that Ekoworx can even be used as fruit and vegetable cleaner.

I know right?! The product has been independently verified by AMS Laboratories to kill 99.9% bacteria, specifically eColi, Salmonella and Campylobacter.

The materials that they said you shouldn’t use it on are soft metals including zinc, aluminium and copper.

It’s all eco friendly – even the puffy packaging material is biodegradable.

Overall, we think Ekoworx is a great product. It ticks all the boxes we’re concerned about and it is very good for the price.

What do you find the hardest to clean in your house and why?

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  • The air conditioner vents in the ceiling. They don’t come out so I have to stand on a chair and guarantee I’ll have grime running down my arms or in my hair and face.
    The oven is definitely a close second

  • My shower. It’s old. Usually my hubby cleans it as I have trouble with my wrists. As other people have said the oven comes in a close second.

  • Shower and definitely oven glass and interior hope this stuff is magic and I can’t wait until my order arrives

  • The Mold on my ceiling and cornices have been so hard to clean in the past with horrible smells and ekoworxs just spayed it on and wiped it off and not one smell and so easy to move the ladder around in such a small amount off time so wishing I had before pictures.

  • My shower! I get water spots that won’t go away on the shower screens no matter how hard I scrub.

  • The oven and shelves. Awkward, hard to reach to get in and scrub. The bars on the shelf very difficult to get dried on stains off.

  • My pet hate when it comes to cleaning is the shower. Down on your hands & knees scrubbing away, toxic fumes fogging up my glasses & making me cough. Urgh!! And it never looks as good or as streak free as you think it should when it dries. !!

  • My outside windows. Bugger of a job as I have to unscrew the screens off first because I have an old house. takes forever, and I have about a thousand windows.

  • My bathroom. itd a tiny space and hard to get the shower to remove the mold and clean the floor & cubbord of built up hairspray soap scumb ,toothpaste on mirror with out being killed with the over powering smell of chemicals. EKoworks has made it so much easier and i actually enjoy cleaning that space now

  • I find the top of air conditioning unit near kitchen as it gets the greasy built up dust on It so hard to clean and also the oven as I don’t like the toxic smelling cleaners, Ekoworx sounds awesome just what I need as we are moving out soon and have to do a big clean.

  • Mine is timber blinds. Very hard to clean, dust and insect grime wants to stay. Look great but hard to clean.

  • Oh for heavens sake, ovens, showers, that’s for amateurs! My black glass outdoor table is the bane of my life. Living near the ocean means the sea mist and the local birds leave an incredible mess on the glass! Ekoworx solved the problem with one clean. Now my table only requires a daily wipe as the residue just wipes off and is streak free! Even the wine glass rings just wipe off! I don’t know how it works but I’m loving this product, just kidding about the shower and oven, I use it to clean those as well!

  • My oven – I absolutely hate cleaning it so I leave it and leave it until I can’t stand it any more and by then the dirt is so caked on and the job is HUGE – I hope EkoWorx is the oven cleaning fairy I’ve been dreaming of

  • Black bench tops – everything I have tried leaves a film that is visible and a white tiled floor that with 7 adults and 3 kids, along with 5 dogs in and out, always spot mopping to get it pristine. Busy life, want quick, chemical cleaning

  • The grout between all of my floor tiles be it in the bathroom or kitchen – a job that I know needs to be done but well you all know ……..

  • The areas I use to run my Family Day Care. I hate using harsh chemicals on the toys and furniture because the children are always touching them and putting things in their mouths so cleaners need to be safe but effective.

  • Oh My! most definitely the stove, backplate & control knobs & benches around stove, I hate that sticky gooey grime that is impossible to get rid of, even off your hands, sponges etc after trying to clean it. So frustrating! I am skeptical whether Ekoworx will work for this problem, but would be over the moon if it did!!!

  • Definitely oven, have tried vinegar and bicarb so many times, last time resorted to the smelly toxic chemical spray that I hate, don’t want to do that ever again!

  • Definitely the oven! This stuff is brilliant. Cleans with very little effort. Can’t wait to try it on the leather couch.

  • My oven door was disgusting, years of built up grime and baked on grossness that other oven cleaning products couldn’t budge. Ekoworx did an amazing job and best of all it doesn’t smell or hurt my skin. My other cleaning nightmare is three glass pendants in my kitchen which attract grease and lint. Not only does Ekoworx do a great job of cleaning them but because there is no residue left behind they are easier to clean now requiring only a wipe over with one of the micro cloths.

  • The whole house!!! 4 kids , fulltime work, its hard to keep clean so you have a tendency to go over things quickly or have the intention to do it tomorrow, but tomorrow comes next week and next week comes next month and grit and grime in bathrooms, kitchen , oven, windows, floors all build up then it becomes even harder. Definitely need something to make cleaning easier and quicker.

  • The oven, with 7 people in our home and the oven being constantly used, especially by young adults and teenagers, its gets a good workout and is VERY hard too clean up.

  • I find the tile grout the hardest to clean. It is recessed between the tiles so the mop just does not cut it! I know bleach and a toothbrush does a great job on the grout, but I can’t deal with the harsh chemical smell!

  • My stainless steal rangehood is just as hard to clean as my oven door. The rangehood is just grimy and nothing seems to cut through it without leaving scratches. The oven door – nothing gets those marks off – even when the oven is spotless the door looks filthy.

  • Definitely the shower! All that glass, tiles and grout, down on your hands and knees, suffocating on toxic fumes and not getting the job finished because you need oxygen. Then the oven comes into play, more scrubbing and fumes to make you start hallucinating. What about the fridge? Does it work on cold surfaces that have splatters and grotesque growths that rival graffiti on a underpass? The BBQ misses out all the time, hubby recons if you heat it up hot enough for long enough, it will kill any bugs trying to multiply on every surface, but 99.9% worth?

  • Where do I start….lol. If I had to choose just one thing I would say the venetian blinds. I hate every spring clean having to take them down and give them a good clean. I usually make a mix of bicarb, vinegar and water to do the trick but it’s very time consuming. Coming in a very close second and all tied would be the toilet (I am the only female in the household) and the three males (10yrs, 11yrs & 50yrs) can never seem to find the bowl so I’m constantly cleaning the tiles and grout, the oven and the shower. I would so love to get my hands on ekoworxs, but funds are limited with only one wage.

  • Definitely shower because it’s old, tiles have superficial cracks in them which collect dirt and mould and the grout is warn and grey now instead of white 🙁 . I have tried so many cleaners and bleach but hate the toxic chemicals and fumes.

  • The oven as the grease is just so hard to budge and products that work will just about kill you if you inhale it and strip your skin if you touch it.

  • Yes please. This product looks awesome. I want to try it on my oven which has not been properly cleaned since I bought it. I’d also like to use it in my showers which are old and stained. Hopefully it will revive them

  • Definitely the shower in those little sneaky areas and my leather lounge.I have never found a decent leather cleaner yet.

  • Definitely the shower in those little sneaky areas and my leather lounge, I have never found a decent leather cleaning product that works.

  • Those stupid grill things in the kitchen exhaust fan!! I can never get them totally clean or not feeling tacky from grease build up.

  • The oven. My husband cooked a pork belly in it and I haven’t been able to get it clean since. I would love to have a clean oven again without the acrid smell and burning chemicals in the usual oven cleaning products. Fingers crossed!

  • Definitely the oven. It gets so grimy and greasy. The toxic cleaners go down my throat.

  • Definitely the oven. It gets so grimy and greasy. The toxic cleaners go down my throat.

  • My lovely new carpet that now has its first vomit on it and i can nit get the stain out… although the stain could possibly be from what i used to clean it with first… shattered

  • Like everyone else I would say the shower, toilet and oven but I also find out black glossy bentops terrible to clean, every mark shows up and I am forever polishing it to try to keep it clean. Not a fan of our tiled floor either, it’s textured and even after a wash there are dirty spots that o need to scrub on my hands and knees

  • I have high gloss white tiles and two big black rottweillers. Seem to get drool stains where I feed them (should use a mat I know) along with goodness knows what else they trample in. Also obviously the oven is a nightmare and (shame job) very rarely gets cleaned as I can’t tolerate strong chemicals and even wear gloves to do the dishes with environmentally friendly dish liquid.

  • Forgot to add my sliding glass doors and windows in our back room – the bore water leaves horrid stains all over and the only thing that gets them off is CRC but this damages my lawn and goodness knows what chemicals it contains 🙁

  • The shower and around the bath which is tiled. The shower is old and water/scum stained so NOTHING gets it off. And the products I use to attempt to clean it are so toxic they fill the bathroom with their smell. Around the bath is regularly mouldy as the kids put water all around the tiles. I use toxic mould cleaner which I hate because of my concern for the kids.

  • My oven definitely. It’s something I always put off doing because it’s such a challenge!

  • The shower recess!! – Apart from the reoccurring mold that nothing seems to be able to kill off, the fumes created in the shower recess when cleaning with a bleach based product are so over powering – and really not the best thing for an asthmatic like myself to inhale!

  • My tan leather lounge, drives me crazy only way to keep it clean is to not sit on it! I would love to be able to get it back to it’s beautiful original colour.

  • I have an untreatable respiratory condition and any cleaners set off a reaction , I am trying to clean my 70 year old house to sell and have to clean the oven and bath room and wash down walls which some have mould ,I would LOVE to try ECOWORX

  • Hi
    I’m selling my house and need to clean the place from top to bottom.
    After watching your videos I’m impressed with the end result.
    My neighbour referred your product and I have ordered ekoWorx last week.
    Looking forward to using ekoWorx 😄

  • Hi,

    The grease that sticks to the walls, cupboard doors and the ceiling in the kitchen coming from the range hood which I can never get clean!

    The grease and the grime is not only disgusting, but disappointing as we cook really healthily, and it just reminds me of a grease trap! Where the hell does it come from?

    Allergic to strong cleaners, would love the find the solution.

    Please help!

  • I rent my house and our property manager is anal about three-monthly inspections where everything has to be spotless. So all the things people have mentioned make my list, but if I had to pick one I would say the vomit stains (from pets and small humans), followed closely by whatever it is that gets stuck to the OUTSIDE of our toilet. I have a teenage son and I don’t even want to know what that might be, but it is VERY difficult to remove. A close third are the door tracks. Please, when I owned my own home, I don’t think I even cleaned them, but I have to do it all the time now. And we live in a country town which is renowned for its red dirt. Great for growing produce, but terrible for parents who have to clean!

  • Old bathrooms!! My worst nightmare – it never looks clean.. followed closely by the dreaded oven :-/

  • Oh by … it’s a long list, headed by oven, range hood, toilet smells and of course the shower. One day, if we renovate or rebuild, everything I choose will have to pass some sort of how-easy-is-it-to-clean test! Maybe then it can simply be a quick spray of eko Worx, a wipe and it’s done! 🙂

  • Apart from being able to get rid of many of the cleaning chemicals that are resident in most homes, the other aspect of a product like this is that it gives back the ability to have a sparkling clean home to those of us who experience difficulties – pain and weakness – in our hands. Arthritis (in its many forms) sufferers. Those with ME/CFS who fatigue easily with exertion. Fibromyalgia sufferers, like myself, whose hands painfully won’t play nice and for whom fatigue also requires them to constantly pace ourselves. This list goes on. The joy of having a clean home staring back at you, rather than the one that makes you feel guilty, shameful and embarrassed by it’s neglected state is huge. It helps alleviate some of the depression and anxiety that goes with so very many of these illnesses. To have the home you’re trapped in clean and germ free without spending days and days laid up in bed…WOW!

  • My kitchen cupboard doors. They are polyurethane and a non-smooth finish. With two young children, you never know what the stains are and hardly any will come off. My beautiful kitchen looks filthy and I’m at a loss. I’ve tried everything with no success. And I have to look at them every day. It’s depressing.

  • The rangehood filters. Have to allocate a whole night to let the filters soak and dry (after soaking in soapy water).

  • Shower screens & the oven as these always require so much scrubbing with horrible smelling chemicals!

  • Between the kids, hubby and dogs running constantly in and out of the house… the dirt, mud and grass they bring in on their feet… the crumbs, playdough and things that get dropped… it’s my floors that are the most tricky to clean and keep clean!

  • Glass. I am anal about clean, streak free glass and am forever in search of a product that does what it claims to do. Our son is studying to be an architect and tells me he’s going to make me a glass stair case so I will never be bored again!

  • Kids finger prints and dog slobber from the glass door- trying to find a chemical free cleaner that works and is safe for pets and children is a mission impossible!
    Shower is hard too but lack of motivation plays a big role!

  • Oh goodness, too many to list! But a friend posted a before and after of her le crueset which was all discoloured inside (like mine 🙁 ) and it was gleaming after using this product, so thats the first thing i would try. Thanks for the giveaway!! Love your blog

  • My brother’s mouldy bathroom shower, walls and ceiling! Horrible. He’s a bachelor! Makes me anxious everytime I enter the room. Add the window blinds to that! Love him, but urgh. 😉

  • I find that my oven is the hardest thing to clean as, I hate using the cleaners that are available the fumes make my eyes water and sting.

  • Definitely the shower! The grime keeps coming back and I can’t stand gassing my self out with all sorts of products to keep it clean! This looks amazing! How cool would it be to get that clean sparkle without an asthma attack and headache.

  • Two things my shower and my oven, to be honest I don’t even bother with my oven because it seems like such hard work

  • We have high ceilings and fans connected to them. I’m a shortie so it means I need to bring a ladder inside, climb up and down again and again as I wash them and clean the wet cloth. I HATE this job! lol

  • My oven has been the hardest worked and the hardest to clean (so I’ve never really bothered!!). The bathroom comes second. I live on a farm and we have bore water which discolours the toilet and leaves a film on glass. Ecoworx would handle this a-ok I’m thinking!!

  • The oven, shower, floors and walls
    Need I say much more
    Ekoworx will have them clean
    Sparkling, sheen and pristine
    Being natural; safe to use
    It is the one- Thanks Her Collective we will choose!.

  • I have so many tough areas, the oven does my head in because I have severe contact dermatitis so oven cleaners are out, windows are a drama as I have a 63kg Newfoundland who is a shocking window licker lol, showers because our water has so much calcium in it that it leaves residue no matter what I use.

  • The shower! No matter what I try the mould is hard to keep at bay. Plus we just moved house and now have 2 bathrooms to clean instead of just one…..sigh…

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