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Parents all over Australia are always looking for better alternatives to clothing. Given that clothing waste is becoming a huge issue in the country, it is time we are more aware of our choices. According to an ABC news report, “two-thirds of the clothes and textiles bought are made of synthetic fibres which are derived from petroleum”.

Did you know that plastic clothes don’t decay? Our generation is having a problem with micro plastics. They destroy the ocean and poison our creatures. This problem starts from birth — when we buy clothes for our babies.

But what kind of lesson are we teaching our kids if we continue to pollute just for fashion?

Join the Bamboo Revolution! Australian-designed baby wear brand Petit Bamboo are proud to launch their Summer 2017 range, just in time for warmer weather. Featuring lightweight yet breathable baby wear made from 95% bamboo, their new range features cute prints in soft pastels, making the choice to be stylish yet eco-friendly easier than ever for modern mums.

Born out of a desire to source fashionable yet sustainable baby wear, Petit Bamboo’s vision is to deliver timeless yet affordable pieces, without leaving a footprint. Petit Bamboo embodies a natural mother who takes clean living seriously, while still ensuring baby’s comfort is maintained.

Petite Bamboo clothing is:

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, safe on babies skin
  • Anti-bacterial and prevents odours
  • Thermal regulating (important for young babies who have a hard time regulating their temperature).

Petit Bamboo believes in caring for the planet, mother and baby, all in one!

Giveaway time

To celebrate, Petite Bamboo would love to offer Her Collective followers the chance to win a $250 Petite Bamboo gift voucher. Simply:

  • sign up to the Her Collective Newsletter
  • tell us in 50 words or less your best tips for getting the kids to bed!


Australian residents only. Competition ends business day AEST 20 December 2017. See full terms and conditions.

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  • Nothing beats being in the safety, love and comfort of dad or mum’s arms to nod off to sleep. When those arms aren’t free, using the baby carrier is the next best thing.

  • We follow routines with my son. Admittedly, not all kids (and parents) are into that but it works for us. First, it’s pajamas and nappy change, stories, then teeth. I spend a few minutes after lights out to talk about our day and what he can look forward to tomorrow.

  • With our bub, anytime of the day or evening when a sleep is needed it’s a bath that seems to be the most settling. It provides the chance to have a splash, relax and get nice and clean, all set for sweet dreams.

  • I’ve struggled with bedtimes. These my tips that have helped.

    * TALK*
    We learn so many tips and tricks from our social networks and professionals are a great resource.

    We made dolly a bed. Once my daughter tucks dolly in, she now happily hops into her cot.

  • Having a set routine each night. Floss, toilet, brush teeth. A drink of water then it’s off to bed. Mum or dad read one chapter of the current book. Then we lay down with some quiet, relaxing music. Massage feet or back as required. Parents leave once kiddo is asleep.

  • Rewards. I set a small reward each week. If they get to bed by a certain time for the whole week, they receive the reward. Hasn’t failed for the last 2.5 years which I am very grateful for.

  • I put on a song each night and we have a game that you need to complete the following before the song finishes. Each night its a different song.
    1. Brush their teeth
    2. Brush their hair
    3. Go to the toilet
    4. Choose 1 story time book
    5. Hop in bed under the covers

    It motivates them to get ready and in bed in no time

  • Regular schedules and bedtime rituals, work!
    After dinner, avoid all stimulating activities,
    dont shirk.
    Make sure your child is comfortable.
    Clothes and blankets should not restrict movement,
    These little things helped, and I saw an improvement.
    Just remember, they will eventually fall asleep 😀

  • A bath, a book and then a lullaby always seems to work with our son. No sooner are all three finished and he’s away with the fairies.

  • We created a routine quite early on. We begin the bedtime ritual with a wind down period that begins 15-30 minutes before their actual bedtime routine begins. Play relaxing music and dim lights, talking softer, and even moving slower.

  • Create an ideal sleeping environment to promote sleeping. Keep their room dark, quiet, and cool. We also use a noise machine or a fan to create a rhythmic, steady sound.

  • Contrary to popular belief, after dinner do wind them up, chase them around, play until they can play no more. They get so tired that they want to go to bed, ours actually ask to go to bed.

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