Disneyland tips: How to tackle the theme park like a pro

Disneyland tips

It’s the happiest place on Earth. That’s what everyone says. If you want to freak your kids out, mention a trip to Disneyland.

One Christmas, we opted against Christmas presents and instead gave the little one a surprise trip to Disneyland HongKong. We warned her beforehand that there would be no present that year but a surprise instead. She was all for it and it was a miracle we managed to keep the secret for a whole year.

Our trip to Disneyland was a first for ALL of us so it was quite special. And us parents learned a lot of lessons on the day to make the trip easy and exciting. Here are some of what we learned.

Disneyland Tips
Disneyland tips

Buy tickets beforehand and buy discounted – Before heading off, we searched for Disneyland tickets online and managed to get three tickets on special. It is definitely worth buying them beforehand because the queue on the day is horribly long.

Comfort over fashion – We knew it was going to be a day of walking and we were right. Luckily, we all wore comfortable walking shoes for the day. We expected to get sweaty as well so we were all wearing light clothes to counter the heat. We also carried around sweat rags and spare shirts in the bag. Don’t forget the sunblock and hats – they’re a given.

Disneyland tips

Bring food and water – Expect food and drinks to be expensive – and they are. Pack snacks and lunches in your bag and take water bottles. There are a lot of refilling stations for water so that’s not a problem. But the food is pricey and not all that healthy. But if you can survive spending money and eating unhealthy foods for one day then that’s fine.

DIsneyland tips

Expect to stay till they close – I initially thought we would just stay until until dinner but that did not happen. It is easy to lose time in that place. But it is worth staying until closing time. That way you can watch the parade and the fireworks at the end. It is quite magical, I must admit.

Tip: If you’re not fussed about watching the parade, then skip it and go on the rides you love. During the parade, we went straight on rides that would normally have super long queues because no one was there. Everyone was watching the parade. We ended up having two turns because no one was queuing up.

Disneyland tips

Shop early – You don’t have to shop the moment you get there but don’t wait until later in the day. There are no specials at the end of the day so it’s not like it’s worth waiting. There are so many people in the shop later on that you can hardly move. It gets so packed it’s hard to actually shop.

Tip: Don’t worry about getting a hotel near Disneyland. The trains in HongKong are cheap and efficient. You can catch the train that goes directly to the venue.

All in all it was an amazing day. We had a great time and I didn’t even mind that my feet felt like cement at the end of the day.

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