Disney On Ice Frozen

Disney on Ice Frozen

Australian audiences will be transported to the serene and beautiful ice kingdom of Arendelle from 2 June –17 July 2017, when Disney On Ice presents Frozen tours the country.

Featuring the full story of the Academy Award®-winning film, Frozen, the live ice show is the largest and most complex production ever to be staged here by Feld Entertainment, the creators of Disney On Ice.

Disney on Ice Frozen

Disney On Ice presents Frozen will commence its national tour in Perth on 2 June 2017 and travel to seven cities into stunning winter wonderlands.

More than 300,000 Australians will be delighted by the ice skating performances of 39 world class skaters, dazzling special effects and breathtaking costumes – including Elsa’s Ice Queen Dress made from hand painted silk chiffon by world class costume designer, Parson-Meares in New York.

Disney on Ice Frozen

Disney On Ice presents Frozen will enchant audiences with the beloved story of Frozen, and feature Anna, Elsa and the adorable Olaf, as well as introduce new characters, Grand Pabbie and the Trolls and the Marshmallow. See below for the national tour dates.

2017 National Tour Dates

Perth – Perth Arena 2 – 5 June (Fri – Mon)

Adelaide – Adelaide Entertainment Centre 9 – 12 June (Fri – Mon)

Wollongong – _WIN Entertainment Centre 15 – 18 June (Thurs – Sun)

Newcastle – Newcastle Entertainment Centre 22 – 25 June (Thurs – Sun)

Brisbane – Brisbane Entertainment Centre 29 Jun – 2 Jul (Thurs – Sun)

Melbourne – Hisense Arena, Melbourne 5 – 9 July (Wed – Sun)

Sydney – Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney Olympic Park 12- 17 July (Wed – Mon)

And now for the GIVEAWAY! One lucky Her Collective reader will win FOUR TICKETS to Disney On Ice presents Frozen. All you have to do is answer the question below (keep it under a paragraph):

What did you love most about Frozen? (Place your city with your answer)

The best bit for me was the emphasis on the love between sisters. A great message for all the kids out there. Now it’s your turn! Good luck!


Australian residents only. Competition ends May 17, 2017. See full terms and conditions.

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  • Frozen had a great story that relates to kids and adults. We loved it. (Melbourne, VIC)

  • As a mother with three daughters, Frozen warms my heart with the love and empowerment these sisters share with each other! Sydney please

  • I loved the girl power! Who needs a man to rescue them when sisters can do it for themselves 🙂 SYDNEY

  • Honestly for me Frozen was very personal. I could see myself in the shoes of Ana. My sister locks me out of her room and I constantly try to pull her out knocking on the door and playing her favorite music on the radio. I could personally connect with the character because I too go out of my way to protect the family i have and wouldn’t dare be detered by anything or anyone. Pensacola, Florida .

  • Frozen is extra special for us as it’s the story of the bond and friendship between two sisters, and that you don’t need to be rescued by a man – true love can be found within a family.

  • Frozen is extra special for us as it’s the story of the bond and friendship between two sisters, and that you don’t need to be rescued by a man – true love can be found within a family.- MELBOURNE

  • Sisters Anna and Elsa, the hilarious snowman Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven as they journey to discover that true love is the most magical power of all. This unforgettable celebration of love and friendship will leave my family with memories to last a lifetime.

  • We love that Frozen is anything but icy cold… It’s a touch of magic, love, kindness, and togetherness that is heart warming to both young and old souls. I’d love to take my family to the Melbourne show. Thanks.

  • The music! My daughter was in kinder when the movie first came out and they learnt “let it go” she came home singing it, we were late off the mark watching the movie but now when we watch it (regularly) we sing and dance together! Melbourne

  • I loved frozen seen it many times I loved how it was girl power and sisters too woo hoo my girls still watch this over and over they love it and to sing the songs to have Anna and Elsa too is the bestest they say they would love to see this in perth

  • The movie didn’t stall or totally lose the plot in the end, plus the song “Let it go”. Though, I think it would better for my wife and daughter to go in my stead to Brisbane, if possible.

  • Among lots of beautiful messages in the movie personally I love Olaf’s quote “some people are worth melting for”. Wollongong NSW

  • I love Olaf seriously funny little snowman he was addictive like the movie that I think I’ve seen thousands of times

  • It shows that you dont need a man to be happy, elsas independence shines, plus olaf is just adorable
    So many lines that apply to real life

  • I love the message that Frozen shares with my children -“Let it go”. Life is too short to stress the small stuff and to pretend to be someone that you’re not. I smile whenever I hear my kids singing “Let it go”- and hope it’s a message they carry with them as they grow.

  • I loved that Frozen has strong female characters with wonderful traits of courage, intelligence and that unbreakable family loyalty. It has a nice sprinkling of humor, especially from Olaf and the Trolls. Proud to watch and fist-pump with my daughter because sisterly love is the true champion of the story.

  • I laughed , I cried, frozen had hit every emotion, had a meaningful message too .. . accept and love who you are and don’t be afraid to show it .. And when Elsa sings I couldn’t help but sing with her ..I could watch frozen 100 times over .

  • #Adelaide
    I laughed , I cried, frozen had hit every emotion, had a meaningful message too .. . accept and love who you are and don’t be afraid to show it .. And when Elsa sings I couldn’t help but sing with her ..I could watch frozen 100 times over .

  • A lovely story that really pulls at the heart strings with a beautiful ending. Melbourne please

  • Frozen is our fave and it’s no wonder why – when the hero is a sister, not a boy, we cry.
    Looking out for one another, holding on through thick and thin,
    It’s a tale of family, love and friendship, and the story message still makes us grin!

  • I loved that it was the first Disney movie that showed my daughters that they don’t need to rely on a man to save the day. They need each other more than anything else ❤


  • As a mum of two girls (who are Frozen obsessed) it’s the theme of sisterhood & female empowerment that stands out and the fact that the most powerful love doesn’t need to be romantic. A nice change from the fairytale love stories. Brisbane for us 🙂

  • I love that Frozen encourages viewers to embrace who you really are. Elsa is causing harm to Anna and Arendale when she is trying to conceal her true identity… She does not find true happiness until she accepts her magical powers and who she is. (Sydney)

  • Olaf. He brings joy to all around him. Accepts them as they are and would do anything for them. The coolest little ray of sunshine.

    Newcastle please

  • While the movie had a focus on sisters and their relationship, it also showed that friendships can be made up of a diverse range of people – my boys picked up on this and spoke about how great it was they could all be friends even if she came from a castle and Olaf didn’t!! It was also fabulous seeing my very boyish boy sing and dance to his hearts delight as he didn’t see a distinction between a girls movie and a boys movie! SYDNEY please.

  • I love that my boys love to sing along with the movie too and that there are great male characters involved in the story so everyone can relate
    Perth WA

  • The music! I hadn’t seen such a wonderful animated musical since little mermaid and jungle book! It was well overdue and just perfect 🙂

  • I love how brave and selfless Anna is, throwing herself into danger for the love of someone else. Brisbane

  • the magic the kids believe in of Anna, Elsa and olaf. The tale is beautiful and the music makes even the biggest kids sing and want to be a snowman in the summer time. Brisbane

  • I love that the main message of Frozen is not to hide who you are. Elsa is scared of her powers but eventually learns hiding or denying them isn’t the answer. Be who you really are. (Melbourne)

  • My family loves Frozen. As I have two daughters, I especially loved the bond between the two sisters and how their love for each other was what unfroze Anna and restored the town of Arendelle back to normal. (Sydney)

  • I loved how Frozen gave my daughter and I a shared love to bond over, we loved singing along to the soundtrack in the car and we still dress up together (as long as she gets to be Elsa!). Frozen taught my daughter that not all Princesses need to be rescued by a Prince, her sisterhood will always have her back.
    *Sydney (We’d also drive through a blizzard to get to Newcastle or Wollongong to see Frozen!)

  • I loved Frozen for the bond between 2 sisters and also the way that Ana’s love wasn’t the ritzy guy that swept her off of her feet, but the one she had built an imperfect friendship with and thus was the start of a relationship that had a solid foundation. Oh and I love Olaf lol
    Perth Western Australia

  • I loved the theme of sisterly love. This story showed true heart and what it means to truly give everything for your family.

  • That you don’t need a Prince Charming to rescue you! You can work out how to save yourself and those you love by looking within! Plus Olaf is the bomb. Sydney please!

  • I loved the magic of the sisters love & bond as well as the lesson not to judge based on appearances or first impressions. Then there are the songs … So darn catchy … “Do you wanna build a snowman” … Love it!!

  • Frozen is a great movie for children! I love how it teaches children that you should love yourself for who you are, and embrace your differences because we all are different. It shows Ana as a strong and brave character. Girls can save themselves – they don’t need to rely on boys! Oh and you can’t beat the songs!!

  • Let it go is a great message because we stress out about little things in life, we need to just relax and let the life for without worrying too about little things. Also, it’s important to have a bond between siblings. In this case, the bond between two sisters is very inspiring.

  • The girl power and the strong bond between the sisters, it is a refreshing change to see that they don’t rely on a man but themselves.

  • Frozen had so many things we love about it. But my favourite of all time happened when I was watching the movie with my two eldest children for the first time.
    Snow and ice come from a place we are yet to see. Boy did their little eyes light up in delight when seeing it for the first time in the kingdom of Arendelle. When cryokinetic magic was brought into the mix, it sent them WILD with total amazement! My children are so hopefully that one day they will awake in Melbourne to a backyard of snow and ice just like Frozen’s Arendelle. 🙂

    (Melbourne please)

  • All of it, the music, the strong female characters, the messages, everything.
    Melbourne please

  • Melbourne

    ❄️ ☃ ❤️⛸⛸
    Frozen showed me that your first true love isn’t always mr right

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