Desert Shadow organic hair colour review

Desert Shadow organic hair colour review

Getting rid of greys is getting simpler these days, especially with the range of hair dyes available. But if, like me, your scalp is super sensitive to all the chemicals in these hair dyes, then you need something without the nasties.

I saw the Desert Shadow Organic Hair Colour in an ad and decided to give it a go. It costs $21 on the Flora and Fauna website. “This non-irritating 100% Certified Organic formula is ideal for those who have scalp issues, sensitive skin and allergies to commercial hair dyes. It is also a safe alternative for pregnant mums who would like to continue colouring during pregnancy as they contain nothing but Certified Organic Goodness.”

But does it work?

The verdict is yes. My greys were covered like a regular hair dye would. And I did not feel a single sting. There was no after-dye itchiness or pain. No irritation and no skin stains.

But before you buy this, you need to know that it is a much longer process than your over the counter hair dye. It’s like a science experiment in itself. You need two days for this one.

Desert Shadow organic hair colour review

I suggest you start on a Friday afternoon. Do the initial colour mix that requires 6-12 hours to ‘cook’. You can leave it overnight and then do the hair colouring on a Saturday. Make sure you have around five hours of free time. By free, I mean time when you don’t need to get out of the house.

Desert Shadow organic hair colour review

It takes up to four hours to set the colour in your hair, depending on how rich you want the colour to be. I spent the four hours doing chores while my hair was in a shower cap so at least my time wasn’t wasted.

It’s like putting mud on your hair. But it washes easily in the shower. Your hair will smell like mulch grass for a day or two but that’s it. It’s an earthy smell and it eventually fades. It’s a very good alternative for those with sensitive scalp and although it is a much longer process, I would use it again now that I know what I have to do.

Disclosure: Not a sponsored post. We just tried the product out ourselves.

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