Creating special mother and daughter moments with Barbie

We all know just how important play is for kids, and how much they love it when we play with them. But with today’s chaotic lifestyle, it is all too easy to miss the chance to create those precious little moments.

This year, Barbie is celebrating the quality time mothers and daughters spend together – playing, creating, exploring and imagining.

I never owned a Barbie doll while growing up. I always wanted one but we didn’t have much in the Philippines. When I bought my daughter a Barbie we ended up playing with it together. It was my first time playing with a Barbie doll, just like it was her first.

It was a good first for us.

I always carve out some time to focus on my daughter everyday, even if it means putting off work until after she is in bed. We still play with Barbie together and Barbie dolls often play a leading role in some of our creative play.

Here are some of our favourite ideas that you may like to try with your own daughter:

Dress ups

When I learned how to crochet using YouTube, I realised that the fastest projects I could do were Barbie clothes. So I went nuts. I made heaps of clothes for Barbie and also a crocheted tail that could be transferred from one Barbie doll to another. My daughter went nuts and we spent many afternoons changing her dolls from human to mermaid.

Barbie mermaid
This mermaid tail is from Ansleybleu in Instructables. Check out the pattern here.


Doll cake making

We’ve made cupcakes and cakes before but when we discovered YouTube tutorials on making doll cakes, we wanted to try it. It is yet another way to dress up a Barbie. She loved using the icing pipe and decorating the “dress”. This time, the dress was edible.

Combining toys to build a city

We used blocks, toy houses, dolls, cars and combined them to create a village where everyone had a role to play. This one we created a summer camp and they were all sitting around the campfire for talent night. My daughter sang, I didn’t – for obvious reasons.


Swimming dolls

My daughter has long outgrown squeaky and squeezy bath toys. But she now takes all her Barbie dolls in the bath to create an underwater city around her. She loses herself in imaginative play, which I love, even though I have a hard time getting her out of the bath!

Puppet show

This is as simple as putting two chairs together, tying up some rope or string and adding old baby blankets for curtains. We dress up the dolls in different costumes and create an impromptu storyline – just for the fun of it. You end up with the most ridiculous and hilarious plot lines that end in giggles.

The classic tea party

Who doesn’t love a tea party? We put a blanket out in the backyard if it’s sunny and inside the house if it’s not. All the dolls are there to join us while we sip real tea (yes, real) in little cups and nibble on real biscuits (any excuse to eat biscuits). Of course, aside from the dolls we also let the dogs join our party. Our two dogs have their own cups with milk and a plate of dog treats. Just make sure you watch your plate. The dogs can be quite greedy.

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  • With 3 daughters our time can be anything from dress ups to crafts to nail painting to library trips and outdoor fun.

  • It really doesn’t matter what we are doing, as long as we are together, living and enjoying the moment.

  • My daughter is 3 (and already LOVES Barbie) so our special times seem to come when we are doing things like baking a cake, when I get to do her hair up in clips (which I love after having 2 boys before I had a girl) and sitting reading books or doing crafts together 🙂 Thank you! Monique

  • Taking time out from a busy schedule to have deep heart conversations to continually challenge, grow and expand our relationship in any and all things we do.

  • Dancing together! Turning up the music and letting loose with some moves, as silly as they can be!

  • I love to take my daughter out for a milkshake so we can take time out to just sit together and chat. We have the most gorgeous conversations and – as the youngest of four – she loves the special one-on-one time 🙂

  • we play dolls, homes and have imaginary tea parties – reminds me of growing up and being young again

  • My daughter and I have our favourite books where we sit down and read together and others where we relax side by side on my bed and read our own choices.

  • Baking, BARBIEs, reading and more,
    It’s one-on-one mother-daughter time I adore,
    What we do together is inconsequential,
    To being present and loving which is essential!

  • cooking up a storm in the kitchen – making a big mess but having lots of fun whilst learning at the same time best thing is we get to lick the bowl and eat it when its cooked

  • we enjoying having a warm cup of hot chocolate and talk about all the books we have read over the month, then do a book swap.

  • My daughter and I love painting each other’s nails and decorating them with some nail art

  • Blessed to live on the Mornington Peninsula – we love our walks on the beach, collecting flotsam, making precious montages and filling vases with shells, driftwood and wondrous finds! Our world is truly beautiful!

  • I have 2 daughters and I love taking them out for a special meal, just the 3 of us, then a bit of shopping and maybe a movie, so nice to spend girly time together talking and having fun.

  • Shopping, together,lunch
    Is fun, a whole bunch!
    2 from five is she
    Loves time alone with me
    Sweet, lovely nice
    Time together both our vice

  • Cooking, secrets, a cup of tea.
    a pleasure with just my daughter and me.
    As a child, dress ups was the best,
    doing mums hair, clips, ribbons, blessed.
    Drawing, dollies, puzzles and more,
    Our mother daughter relationship, I adore 😀

    • oops can I shorten please, i forgot it was 35 words or less 🙁

      Cooking, secrets, a cup of tea.
      a pleasure with just my daughter and me
      As a child, dress ups was the best
      doing mums hair, clips, ribbons, blessed.

  • A wonderful dance-off on the Wii
    For my three beautiful girls and me
    It’s so much fun, whilst keeping fit
    Quality moments, there’s nothing like it!

  • I love reading with my daughter,
    I share all my favourite books.
    Magical tales of adventure,
    Already have her hooked!

  • I love sharing time with my mum.
    shoppings the best, coffee and a bun!
    We talk, and bond over everything
    To the relationship, smiles she brings.

  • Special moments with my mum are the highlight of my week.
    I feel comforted, and she still gives me the wooden spoon to lick when she bakes..

  • My daughter loves loves loves reading and loves letting me read her Rainbow Magic stories to her. It’s so sweet how involved in the stories she gets.

  • My daughter loves baking with me, especially loves making date and walnut balls and it’s our regular Saturday morning tradition.

  • We love to bake, dance and sing songs. But they really love when we go to the library and choose some books and a DVD to hire and watch it together with some yummy popcorn!

  • With 3 daughters I have learnt that absolutely anything can make for great mother/daughter time – as long as it includes letting go, having fun and laughter.

  • I take my daughter out to shopping centres for “window shopping” and we pretend we are rich ladies! We comment on this and that, laugh, and then have a hot chocolate together. Absolute bliss!

  • Making cupcakes (well eating most the mixture first in my daughters case , then decorating with some funny looking faces , we then have a tea party to enjoy our baking day .

  • Every night when I read to my daughter is our special time. There is always that….one more mummy 😀

  • No rhyming or creativity for me!
    Spending time with my mother is cooking, learning, laughing, being happy and most importantly feeling soo much love.

  • I’m lucky to have daughters, three,
    each needs different time with me.
    Sadie and Pippa love their craft,
    creating atrworks make them laugh.
    Esme is my baby still,
    cuddles and hugs give her a thrill.

  • We both love the beach and living on the coast we’re lucky enough to make the most of it year round. Whether we’re talking and watching the waves or building sandcastles it’s a memorable moment!

  • Miss 3 LOVES reading and has a huge imagination. So at bedtime we make up imaginary stories about our family and read to each other. It has become a nightly tradition we all look forward to.

  • It’s hard with 3 kids to get one-on-one time, but when we do I let my daughter choose what she’d like to do. That way she really feels like it’s her special time with mummy.

  • I never had a real mum so my dreams of inspirational mummy love came to be with my daughter through the simple things – brushing hair, reading and laughing at funny books… Togetherness is loveliness.

  • eating cheese on toast,
    dancing at imaginary discos,
    watching old Disney movies,
    but we love playing Barbie the most.

  • Even though she’s only 5, she loves taking photos. So when we go camping, we take a photography walk… She loves a good macro shot.

  • Grandma/Grandaughter time includes singing and dancing, with Grandma being silly, lots of craft activities, going to the Botanical Gardens to play and of course playing Barbies with Grandma being Barbies hairdresser.

  • I love our special mother/daughter moments when I read to my daughter as it is the only time she stops bounding around and cuddles into me while listening intently as I read a story.

  • I don’t have a daughter as was blessed with two sons. They aren’t into barbie dolls. I have a few young nieces who I like to sit on my lap and just talk to them, and sometimes read a story. They tell me they love their barbie doll.

  • We go out to our local national park and look at all the beautiful scenery and discover animals

  • not mum and daughter but nanny grand daughter,
    we love doing each others hair. and also doing nails and breaky dates they are the bestest.

  • I love sitting down with my Mum over a cup of tea and chatting away. Nothing beats that 🙂

  • My 18 month old is obsessed with music (as am I).. so we enjoy our time dancing to our favourite tunes!

  • Anything artistic is what we do together! From play-doh to painting to decorating cupcakes, we love creative time together. Then we take photos of all our ‘masterpieces’, and keep our memories forever 🙂

  • We like to go out for afternoon tea. We leave the boys at home, I switch off the mobile and we chat.

  • I am 32 and still spend special time with my mum, we make a day of talking, laughing and just being in each others company. It always ends with a hug and a kiss.

  • We do a lot of arts and crafts, we both just love it when our creations come to fruition and we can play with them.

  • Baking and ‘crafternoons’ followed by a tea party, polishing off the products of our creativity!

  • Teaching my daughter that everyone’s unique and to be accepting of differences. My example is Rainbow Barbie and how she’d find it difficult sometimes standing out all the time. Our conversations are special to me.

  • My 4 year old daughter and I read books together snuggled in bed, play Barbies, crafts, sticker books…pretty much anything so long as we do it together!

  • I don’t have a daughter although when I do get the opportunity to spend time with my niece (very limited due to separation) we tend to have tea parties and then go on to pamper each other. Doing each other’s nails, make up and hair. This can lead to some very serious unstable outcomes!!
    We treasure this time together.

  • My daughter is 13 now and I’m so happy that I’m still a cool Mum and can understand all her teenage talk, plus she is still able to talk about anything to me, for that I’m more than grateful!!

  • We make up dance concerts and then preform to my husband and our twin boys. It’s so much fun and and we have some great ones recorded for the girls 21St birthdays.

  • My daughter is certainly following in my footsteps and those footsteps lead straight to the shops where we have quality time searching for Sale signs.

  • Well mines actually daddy daughter time…I like to let her sit there and play beauty therapist on me, I get some pretty outrageous makeup sessions.

  • My first mother daughter moment was the day she was born. It was my birthday, she was my first baby and the best gift i’ve ever received, now I have two daughters and we love kickin back with a good movie and not so good for you treats lol

  • Dress-ups mummy and me moments. I often opt for a dinosaur while little miss is a cowgirl! Laugh and giggles are had but nothing beats giving her a good tickle!

  • We spend our moments reading, playing games, going for walks and playing with our bunny

  • I had three sons. My sisters had girls. I look forward to school holidays. I have the girls over and we have lots of nails, hair dos, make up, barbies and baking involved. It’s always hilarious the way my sons watch like we are from a different world.

  • Just relaxing at home in the garden, or in the living room. Whenever we are together nothing else matters.

  • We currently play board games, but as soon as I overcome my fear, we will go rollerskating together. The wee girl has conquered her skates, I just need to get mine out of the box!!

  • With my older girls who are teenagers we love to catch up over a milkshake & donuts or the movies & with my 7 year old , she loves to have pamper time we do our nails in pretty colours & put lip gloss on & take photo’s . She also loves to dress up & put on little dance recitals for me . She is a big fan of Barbies , so if we win I’m sure that fun activity will be added to our mum & daughter time , they grow so fast !

  • I spend my mother daughter moments by going out for high tea. It is a tradition for my mum, sister and I 🙂

  • Crafting to cooking, swimming to sweeping, any moment spent with my little girl makes my heart sing.

  • Now with a daughter of my own…I look back on the great times spent with Barbie, with mum. We use to play for hours on end. I look up to my mum as well as to Barbie. To teach my daughter the same lessons with be he HUGE privilege. <3 thank you for the opportunity.

  • As a step mother to a wonderful young lady, anyway that I can spend time with her is great. We like just playing board games or going shopping along with doing something active.

  • Creating Nature Collages – collecting leaves, sticks and flowers from the neighbourhood and creating a beautiful collage with them.

  • Together we love to explore the world around us – from gardening to chasing butterflies and rainbows, to arts and craft, cooking and more. From books we learn words and language, from café visits we show off our manners

  • I’ve always been a Barbie girl. I still remember the best present ever the Barbie camper van that Santa gave me. I can’t wait to show it to my little one when she arrives, the best moments are those to share together.

  • We enjoying baking in the kitchen together usually making cupcakes because Miss 4 loves the icing and decorating part and we love going and eating sushi together.

  • My daughter Ivy & I love snuggling up on the couch and reading books together <3

  • Growing up, Barbie was our favourite pastime. As an adult, Mum and I now have coffee and go shopping together weekly. I would love to see my nieces bond with their mums that way.

  • My six year old granddaughter and I make cupcakes, we both love it and she’s a very good little cook, we also clean up together.

  • We love to have ‘cooking times’… We play outside and make ‘cakes’ and ‘biscuits’ out of mud and ‘bake’ them in the BBQ. We laugh a lot!

  • Annie and I love spending special mother and daughter time together. Having a 3 year old girl in my life is such a treat.

    I thought I’d throw to her for this competition entry

    “I love playing with Mummy, we play crafts and lego and hairdressers and nail polishing. We don’t like vacuuming.”

    There you have it!! 🙂

  • I love spending time with my daughter reminding her she’s loved and adored. I listen. I cuddle. I tickle. I play. I read. Everyday.

  • a ‘one on one’ (i have 4 girls so like to take them out by themselves) shopping day complete with lunch, getting nails done and purchasing ‘girly’ things

  • Each evening two of my girls go to bed while the other one chooses a one on one activity to do with me. The kids enjoy the special time alone!

  • I was a tomboy so never played with dolls… Now I have two daughters who love all things girly! I quite enjoy spending time together with them dressing up their dolls then having tea parties. 🙂

  • I have three daughters, aged 9, 8 and 1. Their dad works overseas two months at a time so most of the time it’s just the four of us. We love to sing in the car, making up different words to the songs on the radio. I try and be the best mum I can.

  • My older girls love chats on their beds together and my 2 year old loves baking with mum!

  • Talking lots, cuddly lots and spending time together ranging from an afternoon in the park to reading a book in bed

  • We love nothing better than getting dressed to the nines and having high tea in the city

  • Outside, letting our imaginations run wild, an old tree stump becomes a fairies home, twigs and sticks taped together become fairy chairs, rocks are painted and glittered, flowers are thread into daisy chains etc…my daughter and I love nature and making all things fairy 🙂

  • I am lucky enough to have 2 beautiful daughters. I have never bought them any barbies but they were fortunate enough to get my childhood barbies as well as their grandmothers! They are well loved and even though some tend to lose their heads often – we have great fun dressing them up!

  • My daughter has autism so we don’t get to have the traditional Mother/Daughter moments. Our best moments happen in my bed, reading, laughing and being together.

  • When I make myself morning coffee my daughter wants one too.
    I froth up some milk, add cinnamon sugar and we have raisin toast.
    Then getting her dolls out, we do it all over again!

  • I love doing new things so that we discover together. When I look back at the first time I did things, my memories will be filled with my daughter by my side on this magical and fun journey called life!

  • Friday nights we make pizza and watch chick flicks together. We experiment with toppings and if we’re feeling adventurous we make sweet dessert pizza too 😀

  • Her doing nails and playing with my hair,
    Although if i went out on the streets people would stare.

  • The best moments are the simple ones where you enjoy a chat over good food and drinks.

  • I have one daughter and four sons. So my daughter and I love doing all things girly like painting our nails, doing our hair and watching girly movies while we send the boys to the footy for the day.

  • We love to garden together, tend to our vegetable patch. Discovering bugs together. But also to play dolls and read books..

  • I have 2 daughters my eldest and I love cookies and milk shopping and watching movies together my youngest loves to terrorist me lol but wouldn’t change them for the world

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