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During the school holidays, we enrolled our daughter in a one-day Code4Fun programming camp for kids. Like any other kid, she loves playing games on consoles and the iPad but what made us decide to let her try out coding was her desire to create stuff online as well. We wanted her to experience what it was like behind the scenes of a game.

Code4Fun is one of the many coding schools for kids sprouting up these days. I guess it makes sense given how prevalent technology is in our society. Start them young, and who knows, right?

The staff at Code4Fun knows how to deal with kids. We tried the beginners program and they made the course so that the kids understood what they were trying to do.

The class uses the site Scratch, created by MIT Media Lab (yes, that MIT). It is accessible to anyone worldwide for free, but the class helps with navigating the site, especially for kids. Code4Fun teaches the kids how to use the site into creating easy animations and games. (I use ‘easy’ when I should use ‘basic’ because after looking at the code, it definitely didn’t look easy.)

The school holiday program was only one day (9-3pm) but kids who are really interested with coding can enrol for a whole term. The price for the one-day workshop is $100 and for the term it’s $220. They provide the computers for the kids to use. You just need to provide snacks, water and lunch.

My daughter liked the experience and loved creating what she was able to create. But she’s not going to be a coder and she’s not interested in going back. Having said that, I did see the other kids there tinkering with coding like it was just a normal lesson at school. They were great at it. They grasped the concepts so quickly, it was amazing. My head hurt just looking at the codes.

If your child is into coding, let them have a go at it just for a day. It was definitely a good experience to have. For other cities, check out schools near you. There are a lot of these coding places in other cities too.


Disclosure: We didn’t receive anything for this, just really liked trying it out.

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