Caveman Food review

What do you do when you want to eat a Paleo diet but need a convenient way of doing it?

Make your own ahead of time (aka meal prep) and organise it in the freezer for your daily convenience. If you just rolled your eyes, then maybe Caveman Food is the answer to your needs.

Caveman Food founder Tracey Armstead formed the company when she saw a huge gap in the market for convenient, nutritional, real Paleo meals. Tracey is a busy mum on the go who was sick of protein bars or food full of nasty ingredients when she needed to eat on the run or create something nutritious quickly.

So she created Caveman Food to answer her own needs and for other people to have access to delicious and healthy meals anytime and anywhere. The company stand by their claim of 100 per cent Paleo, no grains, no dairy, no added sugar and no preservatives and chemicals.

Caveman Food is cooked in a high pressure cooking environment before sealing them into the packs. They have a 12 month unrefrigerated shelf life so you can stash it in your pantry for ages.

You can eat it hot or cold or add to other vegetables or rice.

Caveman food review

My family was able to try their different packs – Grass Fed Slow Braised Beef, Free Range Chicken and Pumpkin, Free Range BBQ Pork Shoulder and Australian Lamb Coconut Curry. Being Asian, I preferred adding it to brown rice.

They were surprisingly good. Yes, I said surprising because I’ve never gone Paleo and I always associated super healthy food with not very tasty. But this one was satisfying. It answers a lot of needs. It’s a convenient healthy and tasty dinner for when you couldn’t be bothered. Just steam some veggies or cook brown rice to have with it. Or you can use it for those days when you have no leftovers for lunch. It can even be a handy thing to have as work lunch if you don’t work from home. Also, you can use it for camping or travelling.

Caveman Food is good to have lying around in your pantry in case of an emergency – like a zombie apocalypse. But that’s another matter.

Disclosure: We were given samples to try for this review. We tasted it with our own mouths and formed our own opinions.

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