Her Life

The school holidays that broke me


Because school holidays are all about having fancy drinks at the beach. Says no mother ever. I enjoy the school holidays, I really do. I enjoy my life not revolving around 9am to 3pm. I awoke on the first day of school hols feeling refreshed and excited at all of…

Where are all the female CEOs?


“Why are there hardly any female CEOs?” is the bewildered cry. “What on earth are we doing wrong? Do we need more mentors? Do we need more management quotas? Do we need gender-biased recruitment processes?” No. No we don’t. If you ask me, these things are missing the heart of the…

10 tips for instant stress relief


Being a mum there is sometimes just no escape! The stress levels rise and you start to feel out of control. Finding stress relief when you can’t get a minute to yourself is hard, but I think the key is to take a couple of relief measures before you start…

me time

“Me Time” for mums is not a dirty word


I chose to become a mother … TRUE. I love my children … TRUE. My life has changed significantly since becoming a mother … TRUE. I must be a bad mother because sometimes I desperately crave time alone, just for me … FALSE. Before becoming a mother ‘Me Time’ had…