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Make a doctor's appointment

Did You Just Turn 30? Make a Doctor’s Appointment!


While it’s highly recommended to stay on top of things when it comes to matters of health at all times, our 20s are usually spent on parties, socialising, pursuing romantic and career goals. However, once you’ve turned 30, chances are you may have achieved your career goals and perhaps even…

A sober October


Did you know that in October, 80 young Australians will die through preventable causes – including suicide, road deaths and drug overdose? Australia’s largest non-government provider of health education to children in Australia, Life Education is urging more adults to sign-up to its annual fundraising campaign – Ocsober – and…


Self-esteem and the secret of success


Women can have it all – a successful career, a happy family and a sense of personal well-being. There’s no doubt that if you’re hardworking and determined you can achieve your goals and pursue your dreams independently. Nonetheless, a woman – as any other human being – needs support, love…

cope with pnd

11 ways to cope with PND


As many as 80% of women will have mood swings after childbirth. This is commonly known as the Baby Blues. 10% of women will suffer major Post Natal Depression (PND) in the first year after giving birth. PND is a feeling of helplessness, fear, an inability to love your child…

eating disorder

How to know when bad eating habits become a disorder


We all skip breakfast from time to time or enjoy an occasional midnight snack, but these unhealthy habits can quickly become a serious health problem. It all starts with bad eating habits, such as cleaning your plate every time you eat, eating even when you’re not hungry or not eating…

Groundhog Day

When every day is like Groundhog Day


Do you feel like every day is like Groundhog Day? I do sometimes. I get out of bed of and just go through the motions. Its the same thing every day: I make breakfast, pack lunches, find lost school shirts, tidy up, wash clothes, cook, clean, work, drink tea, help…

Two girls and a brewery


Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen have known each other for a long time but it was a trip to the West Coast, US in 2010 that made them realise their love of beer. The trip planted the seed to own a brewing company and six months later, Two Birds Brewing was…