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Family road trips: A survival guide


I remember going on many long distance family road trips throughout my childhood. Every summer we’d load up the car and spend a day or two travelling up north or down south for a family holiday. Being the youngest of three kids I was always stuck in the middle seat…

Flying with small children: A survival guide


Taking little people on an aircraft for any length of time can be a daunting prospect for most parents. More than a couple of hours in the air and things can get a bit fraught. Long haul flights can be nightmarish. But with careful planning and organisation the experience can…

An insider’s guide to Noosa QLD


I’m a proud Queenslander who has been, at different times in my life, fortunate enough to live near the gorgeous beaches on the Sunshine Coast. I lived at Maroochydore for many years, then further north at Coolum, as a career girl and single mum with two young sons. Finally, when…