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Smiggle bling

Giveaway! Smile with Smiggle bling


Have you discovered Smiggle’s brand new jewellery range yet?  Yep, the crew that has transformed the world of stationery now has a fun and colourful range of Smiggle bling. The Smile with Smiggle collection includes bracelets and earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and all kinds of sparkly bits and pieces that…

prepare your child for braces

5 tips to prepare your child for braces


If your child is about to start orthodontic treatment, chances are they’ll have a lot of questions. What will braces feel like? Will they hurt? Will they still be able to eat their favourite foods? What will their friends say? It’s important both you and your child go into the…

raise happy healthy kids

5 Easy Ways to raise happy healthy kids


Being a parent is absolutely amazing but it comes with a ton of responsibility. Caring for another human being who is still too young to understand life and the way it works is huge. It goes without saying that we want the best things for our kids, at every moment…

the prince boofhead syndrome

The Prince Boofhead Syndrome: Author QnA


The release of the book, The Prince Boofhead Syndrome, could not come at a more needed time. With the almost daily news and discussions about violence between and from men in the media, parents are asking the question: “How can we stop this from happening to our own kids?” Here…

extended family

Life without extended family


Our society’s reliance on grandparents has been increasingly in the media these last couple of years. With the rising cost of childcare centres, we need them now more than ever. But what if you don’t have extended family here? No aunts, uncles, grandparents and so on? What’s your alternative? How…