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Make your own healthy pancakes

Healthy pancake recipe


Looking for some quick and easy snack ideas for the kids? We’ve found a healthy pancake recipe which is great for breakfast, or can be made into smaller pikelets and frozen for lunchbox snacks. This recipe makes 12-18 pancakes. Ingredients: 2 eggs 250ml (8 fl oz) milk 75gm (21⁄2 oz) pear, peeled…

Healthy recipes for kids

Baked potatoes with Mexican beef


My kids love chilli con carne, and seem to be eternally hungry, so I love this recipe for baked potatoes with Mexican beef – it has the flavour they love, plus the potatoes are packed with starchy carbohydrates that help fill them up. This recipe serves 4-6 Ingredients: 6 medium–large brushed potatoes 2 tablespoons…

San Choy Bow

San Choy Bow recipe


I do like San Choy Bow: Its nice, light and healthy, and also fun for the kids to eat. Rena Patten’s San Choy Bow is definitely one of the recipes that jumped out at me when I was looking through her new book Superfoods for Kids. Although the ingredient list looks…

Healthy snacks for kids

Blueberry & Chia sorbet icy poles


If there’s one superfood my kids love, it’ s blueberries. So Rena Patten’s Blueberry & Chia sorbet icy poles recipe immediately stood out as a recipe I had to try from her very pretty and kid-friendly new book: Superfoods for Kids. Released last month, Superfoods for Kids is full of beautiful photos…

fussy eater tips

19 ideas to tempt fussy eaters


Have kids that live on air? Or love something one day but refuse it the next? Or maybe you’re cooking a few different meals every night, just to make sure everyone eats. Having fussy eaters can be frustrating and can take the fun out of family meal times. To help…

My Food Bag: Nude food revolution


Are you like me when it comes to dinner? You take out frozen meat to defrost and then grapple at the end of the day on what to do with the defrosted meat? I have those moments. A lot. Especially when the workload is bad. So when there was a…

Tefal Cuisine Companion

Tefal Cuisine companion review


There’s a new contender in town. The Tefal Cuisine Companion all-in-one machine replaces 10 kitchen appliances and creates tasty food with one touch of a button. It comes with five attachments, that pile neatly in its own container so it doesn’t go nuts in your drawer, an apron, a cookbook,…

Aussies waste $10b worth of food each year


Yes the headline is correct. Australian households waste $10 billion worth of uneaten food each year. According to a new Galaxy Research, each house is binning more than $1,000 of uneaten food annually. While the research shows that the majority of Australians (95 per cent) are already trying to reduce…

How to go dairy free while breastfeeding


One of the most common foods for a baby to react to through mum’s breastmilk is dairy, whether this is a sensitivity, an intolerance or a full blown allergy. The good news is that most babies will eventually be able to tolerate dairy as their digestive systems mature, but in…