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Desert Shadow organic hair colour review


Getting rid of greys is getting simpler these days, especially with the range of hair dyes available. But if, like me, your scalp is super sensitive to all the chemicals in these hair dyes, then you need something without the nasties. I saw the Desert Shadow Organic Hair Colour in…


10 things to remember on the road to happiness


Simple things are often the best. We’re all guilty of over complicating life and losing sight of what really matters. These 10 things are simple, but are important to remember on your road to happiness: Eat regularly (and well) Get enough sleep Stop talking and listen Don’t take anyone’s shit…

healthy eating plan

12 ways to kick start a healthy eating plan


Ahh, New Year, new beginnings. Is it just me, or does pretty much everyone talk about becoming healthier as a New Years’ Resolution? There aren’t too many people who haven’t made some kind of declaration in the weeks after Christmas that they’re going to “lose weight”, “get fit” and “eat better”. If your…

how to dress for the school run

Ask a stylist: How to dress for the school run


Now I must admit, I haven’t been in a school for years. I don’t have children and I like to keep a safe distance from un-hemmed pants, scuffed black shoes and the overwhelming scent of adolescent body spray, but when living in Sydney, it’s easy to pass the schools and…

Be more than the media


It is the new year and with it comes the litany of New Year’s resolutions very few people end up keeping. I know. I am one of them. But with the new year also comes wisdom and here at Her Collective we hope to share some of these with our…

Nanna nap

Why you need a Nanna Nap now!


Sleeping has got to be my favourite past time. And how good is a Nanna nap? I hate to think how many hours sleep I have lost since having kids… I haven’t needed an alarm clock since my eldest was born almost 10 years ago, and I haven’t been able to…

how to shop like a stylist

How to shop like a stylist


I like to people watch when I’m at the shops, and what I notice when doing so is the amount of people shopping for clothing that don’t actually touch the clothes, and instead walk on to the next store because they felt there was nothing in there that suited them….

9 ways to stop making food your enemy


The time has arrived to stop blaming food for all your wrongdoings. The simple fact with food and weight is – energy in must not exceed energy out. If you eat too much and don’t burn it off, you will gain weight. However, the power of the mind has a…