5 Tips for Caring for your Engagement and Wedding Rings

caring for your engagement and wedding rings

Diamonds are forever. They’re a token of love with diamond engagement rings taking pride of place on a woman’s ring finger. It’s not hard to keep rings sparkling, but it is either lack of knowledge or lack of interest that stops people from caring for their engagement and wedding rings.

Just like any new thing, we take care of our engagement and wedding rings early on but slowly stop the maintenance and they tumble down to the bottom of our to do list. Then gradually it disappears completely.

There are many ways to keep your diamond engagement or wedding ring looking good. I am sharing a few simple tips about the maintenance of your rings but also some myths about the wrong method of cleaning that can actually harm your diamond wedding ring significantly.

It’s okay to take them off

There are great numbers of engaged women who keep their engagement ring with them throughout the day. Even while doing some vigorous tasks, they don’t take it off. This generally results in serious damage to the diamond.

I recommend resisting the urge to wear it all the time. The ring is with you for your lifetime, but you don’t have to wear it all the time. At least avoid wearing it when you’re doing heavy work. This is just causing damage to your beloved diamond ring. There are many household chemicals that will discolour the ring. I do understand the sentimental value of the engagement ring but you must resist to wear it when something can potentially damage it.

Do not wear it when bathing or moisturising

To be frank, there is already sufficient oil in your skin to damage the diamond ring and make it lacklustre. When you take a bath, never keep wearing it. As the chemicals in the soap such as sodium etc form ions and make your diamond engagement ring vapid.

You need to do the same when applying any moisturiser or any grooming product on your hands. These products will only aggravate the situation. Always take your ring off whenever you’re doing any of these activities to keep it away from the danger.

Clean it with hot water and dishwashing detergent

Since this is the most prized possession of yours, you need to take care of it regularly. Adapting to use a ring cleaning kit can be a smart move. Apart from that, you can also use, hot water and a mild dishwashing detergent.

I always prefer to use a coffee mug half filled with water and then I soak it for a couple of minutes and then clean it gently with a toothbrush with soft bristles. Use a slow dabbing motion to clean the stone. If you use the brush vigorously then, you might damage the stone. So, proceed with caution.

After dabbing, gently dry your engagement ring. I recommend you to use a non-abrasive and soft rag. Your engagement ring will look dazzling and brand new. For maintenance purpose, do not repeat this procedure daily, you just have to use a soft brush to clean the dust out of your ring.

Get it checked by a professional every year

Well, whether you believe it or not, a precious stone always remains precious and it always requires precious care. With this point in your mind, you need to get your diamond ring checked by a reputable jeweller once in a year at least. They can observe your ring whether the stone is loose or intact. If there are any scratches or dents. If yes, then the repairing is not very easy, which is why you need a professional.

Maintenance checking will keep your precious diamond ring new forever. You just need to keep the consistency of getting it checked. You can go for any professional of your liking, there is no hard and fast rule for this tip.

Safely store your ring

This is not about keeping your ring safe so it’s not stolen. What I mean is keeping the engagement ring safe from being damaged. For this, I recommend you to use a fabric lined jewellery box. This will keep it intact and very much safe from most of the danger that could haunt you if you had stored it with the other jewellery items of yours. The stones can get damaged due to the metal of other jewellery items. So, keep it separate and in a soft and cosy fabric lined jewellery box.

Three myths about cleaning diamond rings

The Vodka Conundrum

Vodka is great for drinking but that is just a no for cleaning diamond engagement rings. You can use pure alcohol if you want. However, that is also not very effective. Plus frequent use of alcohol is bad to your ring’s health.


It’s ideal for your teeth. But diamonds are certainly not like your teeth. So, don’t use it as it is just a waste of time.


Cloudy ammonia was once used frequently to peel off the gold plating from the metal. But not for diamonds. Again, it’s only a waste of time.

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5 Tips for Caring for your Engagement and Wedding Rings

Diamonds are forever. They're a token of love with diamond engagement rings...
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