3D technology is making buying property easier

buying property

Have you ever been to an open house with kids? I have. With all four of them. Instead of taking the time to take in the layout, review the finishes, sneak a peak in the cupboards and calculate if our dining table would fit in, I spent all of my time trying to keep the kids contained and off the furniture.

It was so much easier to get to open houses before kids. When we were buying our first home we’d manage to get to four or five different viewings every Saturday, and still have the time to closely evaluate each one with clandestine conversations with my husband along the way. Not to mention having those discussions with real estate agents where you try your hardest to seem disinterested…

While we aren’t looking to move home right now, we are looking at potential investment properties and have our eye on Brisbane. But how do you get to check out properties in Brisbane when you live in Sydney? With four kids? Quite simply, you don’t. We don’t have that kind of time or that kind of money to fly interstate every weekend.

Photo galleries on sites like realestate.com.au are a helpful guide for buying property, but nothing compares to the ability to walk through a home. Plus we all know property photos only show a property’s ‘best side’ and there are tricks for making rooms look larger than they actually are.

When you are talking about buying property, you are talking big money. And no one wants to spend big money, sight unseen. But now there is some sexy new 3D technology in the real estate industry which helps give vision to buyers too time-poor or too far away. With Matterport 3D Spaces real estate agencies can photograph a property in 3D which means visiting a property online can now be really close to visiting a property in person.

Calibre Real Estate is one of the first real estate agencies in Brisbane to use Matterport’s 3D camera technology to showcase homes. After being shown the technology earlier this year, Calibre’s co-founder and agent, Justin Hagen was blown away by the clarity of the images produced:

“We now have the ability to showcase our properties through virtual reality,” says Hagen. “This device is able to capture every detail of the property allowing interstate and overseas buyers a realistic walk-through inspection, without physically being present.

I have taken a 3D tour of one of the properties on offer through Calibre Real Estate and I’m really impressed. Its much more sophisticated than any other 3D tours I’ve seen and its truly like taking a walk through the home yourself. You get a true appreciation of the layout and the scale of the property. You can zoom in for a closer look at fixtures and fittings and whatever else you want to take a closer look at. All from the comfort of your own home.

buying property

I like that you can “take the tour” or choose your own adventure and guide yourself through with your mouse and arrow keys. The imagery is amazing and you know its all real with the glimpse of the camera on the tripod in every mirror.

You can take it a step further and view the property in virtual reality, but the 3D tour would be enough for me to start some serious discussion with the real estate agent. It would be a great tool for a vendor as well because the people coming to your open homes would be real buyers that your agent could engage with.

Calibre Real Estate is also rolling this technology out to their rental properties to help reduce the days on market for their investors as well as making it super easy for renters to find the best property for their needs.

This is a sponsored post for Calibre Real Estate however all opinions are my own

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