Review: Bosisto’s Eucalyptus range

Eucalyptus oil is truly one of Australia’s natural wonders. From cleaning to colds and flu, it has just about everything covered. There would be very few homes in Australia without a bottle or two of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus oil in the cupboard.

Australian owned Bosisto’s has been making top quality, 100 per cent pure, Eucalyptus oil since 1852. There would easily be over 160 uses devised in the brand’s 160-odd years of existence.

Some of the applications which have come in handy for me include:

  • Bosistos Eucalyptus oilRemoving sticky labels, especially those bits that always get left behind when you peel labels off
  • Cleaning paint, glue and pen marks off clothes and furniture and other surfaces that kids can’t resist getting their paint, glue and pen marks on
  • Deodorising stinky garbage bins and drains
  • Helping to keep our floorboards sparkling clean
  • Freshening up your laundry, especially if one of the kids has been sick
  • Getting rid of stains on clothes, especially my boys’ white sport shirts (what kind of school has a white sport short!?!)

We were recently sent a Bosisto’s winter care pack and the timing couldn’t have been better. My 6-year-old had just started complaining of a sore throat so I gave him a few Bosisto’s Sugar Free Eucalyptus Drops to soothe his throat during the day, and at bed-time I gave him a few squirts of the Honey and Eucalyptus Echinacea throat spray to provide some natural relief. It seemed to work a treat as when he would normally be complaining he went off to sleep with a smile.

Winter also means man-flu season, and because man colds are always serious, it was great to have Bosisto’s EucoSteam Inhalant at hand. Eucalyptus oil is a great cold and flu remedy as it quickly penetrates nasal passages. It also makes warm steam inhalation much more effective. My husband went old school and added the inhalant to a bowl of hot water and placed a towel over his head. It’s great that the water-soluble formula is safe around children, because once my kids saw him with his head under the towel they all wanted a turn too.

Bosistos Eucalyptus oilWith a family of six, including two kids at school and two spending a couple of days at daycare each week, there’s a good chance that one of us will be sick at any given time during winter. It’s a good idea when someone falls ill to use Eucalyptus oil to disinfect surface to stop the bug spreading. Bosisto’s Eucalyptus spray can be used to disinfect surfaces such a taps, doorhandles and benches. Even mobile phones. It’s also nice to freshen up your home with a few sprays here and there, especially when it’s too cold to leave the windows open.

You can find the Bosisto’s range in the medicinal aisle of your supermarket, in pharmacies or you can visit their online store.

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  • Two words: permanent marker! Eucalyptus oil is the only thing that works and I always have a bottle handy. But makes me wonder why I always have permanent markers handy too… 😉

  • Getting pesky sticky residue from labels off of jars so I can reuse them. By filling them with things like beetroot dip, yum!

  • My eldest son had a morning sneeze session everyday. I was at a loss as he’s not allergic to anything and it happened every where and in every bed. Even camping. I use eucalyptus oil spray on his mattress or bed and wash his sheets and sleeping bag with a little oil and his sneezing is virtually gone.

  • Gets you out if a sticky situation .. Great for removing old stickers from windows or furniture works a treat !

  • I love using it in my wash. Everything just smells so lovely. I also make my own woolwash now, which is great.

  • I use eucalyptus,vinegar and water in a spray bottle to clean in the bathroom,toilet especially after Grandsons and kitchen especially after cooking.

  • My favourite use would be getting mould off my bathroom roof and getting tar off my car.

  • Seriously,There Isn’t ANYTHING BOSISTO’S Spray or Oil CAN’T DO 4 U,from HEALTH 2 MESS,It’s in the CAN.I think that’s a Nice Slogan 4 U.

  • It’s great to mix some Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil with water in a spray bottle as a headlice repellent for the kids at school.

  • I use it when mopping the floors, final rinse in the washing, and in the oil burner.

  • In Early Childhood Education I always added a few drops of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil to playdough during the cold season to help unblock noses.

  • I am a school librarian, I could NOT live without eucalyptus oil. I use it to clean books; sticky, dirty, smelly books. I use it to remove permanent marker from plastic book bags for re-use. The spray is great when the toilet gets a bit whiffy or I use it to clean the seat. People love the fresh smell, I call it my perfume! It is a library God-send!

  • Fantastic for pets indoors. Every morning I spray the rooms as I lock the house. Recommended it for grandson who had foot , hand , mouth virus- doctor impressed with quick recovery.

  • cleaning floors, carpets, wiping benches, in with the washing, spraying around bathroom and toilet, remaking beds and spraying over the bed……..lovely fresh scent through the whole house. 🙂

  • absolutely love eucalyptus oil, it is an essential product in my home. I use it for everything from washing floors, freshening laundry to air freshener, sore throats to aching muscles….and everything in between!!

  • Removing the “art work” done with permanent marker all over the bath by my 4 year old son!

  • Eucalyptus oil spray for the computer room Just spray and wipe on chairs, computer desk, electronic devices (power off) to kill germs that may grow.

  • Since becoming a foster Mummy for I found it hard keeping doggy odors at bay. I am onto my third rescue, a Mummy with 5 babies and it is the best product ever for removing stains and pet smells. I use it in my washing, my floor mopping water and just as a room freshener. Love it product and would reco anytime.

  • I use it to naturally disinfect the bench before preparing food at home due to the cats walking on it most of the day 🙂

  • I use Eucalyptus Oil to sterilise the laundry tub when bub is too small for the Big Bath…When infant makes a big mess that leaks out of the nappy, to even when my toddler is sick all over himself and the tub is the quickest solution to the problem!

  • When my daughter got her first cold a couple of months ago, we were at a complete loss of how to help her. She didnt sleep, didnt want to feed. It was horrid. Then someone suggested we buy a humidifier with Eucalyptus oil. Best $80 I ever spent! Now in the depths of winter I’ve already gone through a bottle of Eucalyptus oil! Love it! In other news, its also great for cleaning stickers off doors, thanks child me for sticker things everywhere!

  • To remove everything that is sticky!!! Especially with a kid who is obsessed with stickers being put everywhere

  • I just love the smell of Eucalyptus. I love it permeating through my entire house. I include it in my oil burner, and diffuser to share the smell/love around. It makes everything smell clean. I pour a few drops into the hot mop water for the floors, but most importantly I include it with vinegar when washing all of our towels. It helps them stay fluffy and smells great.

  • This is embarrassing but I have really stinky feet so I use Bosito’s Eucalyptus Spray to make my shoes smell better, especially my sandals in summer!

  • Putting it on pillows and in the oil burner when the family is sick. Works so well to help them breath better.

  • A little on my chest during the day and pillow at night greatly ease my cold symptoms Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil is by far the best quality

  • Stinky Shoes!
    The Bosisto’s Eucalyptus spray is THE BEST THING EVER for dealing with stinky shoes!

  • From pets to the washing, doesn’t everyone love the fresh germ free smell. A must for every home Bosisto’s Eucalyptus.

  • Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil is the ONLY product, and believe I’ve tried everything, to EASILY and MIRACULOUSLY remove newspaper print from placemats.

  • I love to add some to our air purifier, as then it goes through the entire house, and we all breathe easier.

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