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Every month or so we are going to list books we’ve read that we couldn’t put down. For the last four years, I had started reading books that weren’t parenting related. I bought myself an ereader and it just went bananas after that. Two years ago, I read over 50 books in a year. Last year, it was more than 60.

Some parents go shopping to relax. Or maybe get a massage, a facial, mani pedi or meditate. I read. I escape into another world, into a character’s world and a character’s issues. It relaxes me and makes me sleep better – well sometimes. Sometimes it also keeps me up at night.

But I digress. For this post, the theme is ‘Women’s fiction that will keep you reading’.

The first is basically all of Liane Moriarty’s novels. I went backwards with her work. I started with the latest one, Big Little Lies, and got totally hooked so I just kept buying from there. My favourites, aside from Big Little Lies, are The Husband’s Secret and The Hypnotist’s Love Story.

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The Husband’s Secret will keep you guessing on what exactly is her husband’s secret. And when you do find out, you’ll be so confused on what is the right thing to do. The Hypnotist’s Love Story made me want to see a hypnotist – and I did. But the novel also had a unique point of view when it came to love and obsession. It made me feel for the antagonist.

The thing with Moriarty is that all her books are different. Yes, they’re all women’s fiction (some call it chick lit) but every novel brings you to a different world that you end up immersing into so deeply until you forget where you are.

lg-suzannesDiaryForNicholasThe other one I accidentally read was James Patterson’s ‘Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas’. This isn’t a new book and was a totally unexpected find. I was on my James Patterson streak, reading one of his works after another. So you can imagine my surprise when I started reading the book. I mean, it was James Patterson so I was expecting murders. I kept waiting for someone to get killed but then I realised it’s a totally different genre. And it was a beautiful story. Heart wrenching and engaging, with a twist of voyeurism. Read the book’s blurb below.

“Katie Wilkinson has finally found the perfect man – but one day he suddenly disappears, leaving behind only a diary written by a new mother named Suzanne for her baby, Nicholas. In it she intimately reveals the romance between herself and the child’s father, her hopes for their marriage, and her unparalleled joy in motherhood. As Katie reads on, she realizes that the man she loves is Suzanne’s husband. Now, filled with terror and hope, Katie must struggle to understand what has happened – and find out if her new love has a prayer of surviving.”

Enjoy your books!

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