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Over the last year or so Kris, Grace and myself, aka KGB, have made a pact of having a girls night out on a monthly basis. No excuses!

Our night normally consists of a 6pm start movie in the city, followed by dinner usually KFC (Korean Fried Chicken for the uninitiated. Best Fried Chicken in the World!) with LOTS of chinwagging and beer (Asahi for G and Hite for me. K is a wuss. She drinks juice.) then some Extreme Gelato for dessert. Yeah I know, we are so hardcore. Although, there was this one time as a birthday celebration for G, we stayed until 1am in the city. One in the freaking morning! Mamas can still party!

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I love my night outs with my girlies. I look forward to them like a crazed escapee from Alcatraz. We have seven children between us. G has twin boys. And they’re under six. So yeah, come night out time. We are so ready to escape!

The three of us keep updated with the going ons in our daily lives and random thoughts swirling in our heads via group text messages. I love these text messages. They are virtual hugs and kisses from two of my favourite people in the world. Plus they give me all the LOLS that I need. 

Finding best friends when you’re over 40 can be tricky. My relationship with these girls went through some rough patches too. I honestly don’t remember how and what was the cause of the breakdown. It just got weird and we didn’t talk to each other for weeks and months on end. But I knew in my heart that I wanted to remain lifelong friends with them so I stopped pouting like a spoiled 8-year-old, reached out and talked things over like normal grown ups do.

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I realise that as I grow older, the less tolerant I am of people who are just so full of it. Life is too short for crappy friends. You gotta cut them loose quick smart. These two women are the real deal and their friendship is a gift I need and want to treasure. They make my life a lot richer and I will always be grateful that I have them on my side.

Friendships like a lot of relationships, take work. It needs your time, your effort and most of all your unconditional love.

Do you have BFFs? How do you spend your time with them?

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