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Belkin Family RockStar

We have a very high tablet per capita ratio in my family and it always seems that our iPads all run out of charge at the same time. Yes, every device has its own charger, but I really don’t want to be charging tablets from a multitude of different outlets around the house.

We have one dedicated place for charging our devices, but I always find that my iPad gets bumped when one of my kids powers out…

Enter the Belkin Family RockStar 4-Port Home Charger. It allows (almost) everyone in the family to recharge for their devices at the same time, with enough juice to simultaneously charge two tablets and two smartphones. Any port can charge any device thanks to an intelligent smartchip, which recognizes the connected device automatically and delivers the maximum power appropriate.

Belkin Family RockStar

Its clever and practical, with a sleek design. It now lives permanently in that part of our kitchen where I keep my phone, keys, wallet, school notes… I am sure you have that kind of central zone for putting stuff too. Is there a name for that place? Wherever your place is, the Belkin Family Rockstar would fit in beautifully, and very handily.

The Belkin FamilyRockstar has an RRP of  $89.95 and you can buy online from the Belkin store.

Another handy device is Belkin’s QODE Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case. Designed specifically for the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2, the keyboard case is great for kids who have BYOD.  It is lightweight and the fully protective case helps keep the tablet safe from school bag wear and tear. The keyboard makes it easy to type, but you can also tuck the keyboard away if you don’t need it. I like that secure magnets hold the iPad at the ideal angle for typing or watching movies. The case also features an auto on/off feature to preserve battery life.

QODE Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

The QODE Ultimate Lite Keyboard has an RRP of $149.95. You can buy one from the Belkin store here.

** Our giveaway has now closed **

Congratulations to Lisa on winning a QODE Ultimate Lite Keyboard for iPad Pro / Air 2 valued at $149.95.  Please see full terms and conditions.

How do you try to kid-proof your tablet?

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  • I’m not exactly a genius on a tablet but for my kids using mine I turn the internet off and let them use the games I put on it. Their allowed internet on the desktop. When we stay at Grandma’s they are allowed flight tracker as she lives under the flight path but I’m always watching when the internet is switched on because accidentally clicking adds happens a lot even to me.

  • Always making sure that no payment details or passwords are saved for future use, especially in the app store!!

  • A passcode is the only way! Although little miss is 6 and has eagle-eyes, so I have to be sure she doesn’t see me enter it!

  • The only way I know how to kid-proof my tablet is to put it in a high place when I’m not using it

  • we always use passwords and change them regularly,its the only way we know how,and always watch the sites they visit

  • I inadvertently had my credit card details on my 10 year old daughters Ipad. It wasn’t until I was going through her ipad that I saw all these receipts. I asked her and she said she had used her iTunes gift cards. She had about $50 on these cards and the total on my credit card was nearly $500!!!! So not having credit card details on there is a MUST!!!

  • Would be amazing as i could give it to my mum so i could check on her everyday

  • They get supervised time to use a selection of apps which I’ve segregated for their use. We also have a stand so they just watch the screens with minimal touching and means I can also control the distance from their faces visually … they know the iPad has to be at arms length if they want to keep using it

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