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Audrey and Me

When you have your first baby it’s so easy to get carried away and go crazy buying baby paraphernalia. It’s a whole new world of shopping and it’s all so adorable.

But with every child you have your list of requirements gets smaller and smaller until by your third or fourth all you really need to invest in is more nappies.

It’s tricky buying baby gifts for friends too when they are having their third or fourth. What more do they really need?

That’s where Audrey and Me comes in. It’s the place to go for the mum (and baby) who already has everything. Their online store is full of handmade baby accessories that are as practical as they are exquisite. You can tell how much love has gone into their products from the moment you receive them. Such lovely wrapping!

A great buy for any mum is one of Audrey and Me’s teething necklaces (RRP $21.95-$26.95). These are such a great idea for keeping babies and toddlers entertained, whether they are teething or not. Ms R was immediately attracted to my necklace and popped it straight into her mouth as soon as I picked her up. There must be something irresistibly chewy about them as my three-year-old did the same!

Audrey and Me’s teething necklaces are made from the highest quality food-grade silicone, are washable and are safe for baby to touch and chew. I like that the beads don’t get caught in your hair and the clasp comes undone easily if your little one tugs on it too hard.

And look how pretty they are!

teething necklaces

Another lovely idea for baby girls is a knotted headband from Audrey and Me’s latest collection. Made from high quality 100 per cent knit cotton it can be tied and re-tied as your child grows. They are super stretchy and soft and are great for when your little one won’t sit still long enough for you to do their hair properly.

Ms R has the Coral Poppy Plumage head knot (RRP $14.95) and it’s perfect for keeping her hair off her beautiful face.

beautiful baby accessories

Ms R has also being trying out her bespoke pram liner (RRP $49.95). Audrey and Me make every liner to order based on the specific make and model of your pram. You pick your preferred pattern and can also opt for a reversible liner, matching strap or bumper bar covers, even water-proofing.

My Mountain Buggy has taken a serious beating over time, so it has been lovely to give it a new lease on life with something so wonderfully soft, sweet and feminine. After three boys I went for a pretty pattern just a little bit girly.

pram liners

Audrey and Me update their catalogue ever season and only launch new products when they’re sure they are perfect. Their current range also includes bandana/dribble bibs, teething rings, nursing covers, milestone cards, artwork and blankets.

If you can’t decide, the absolute best idea is to choose one of their gender-specific gift boxes which include a teething ring, printed onesie, bandana bibs, baby milestone cards, a teething necklace, gift wrapping and personalised note.

What do you think are the things a new mum really needs?

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  • A great support network that understands she may need some time alone with her new family and not come around unannounced. She needs to sleep when she can, and needs to know everything she is feeling is normal.

  • I think a new mum needs a great support network. Also, pre-prepared home cooked meals are always a winner!!

  • I think a new mum needs most importantly to be listened to. A lot of visitors come just to see the baby but take some time to ask a new mum how she’s really doing. And listen to what she says. You might find she may need an hour to herself for a shower or a quick nap. I didn’t feel like anyone listened to me when I was a new mum, and at times had to stop answering the front door just to get some peace and quiet. So next time you check in on a newborn, check in on the mum too. You may find you are the sunshine during a time that can be quite stressful for some mothers.

  • a lot of nappies and some sleep and items that make life easier like feeding cups,bowls and a loving family to help her in times of needs

  • Sleep and some nice looking pyjamas…..because sometimes there is no time to even shower, let alone get dressed and look good for the day

  • I’m not sure yet, as I’m currently pregnant with our very first baby! By all accounts though, I’ll be dreaming of the good old days of the 11am sleep in once baby comes along! 😀

  • A support network that allows you to trust your gut instincts and be there to pick up the pieces if need be. Also a baby carrier to keep sane!

  • Even though there’s a baby refusing to sleep, a messy house and a mum dressed in pjs, covered in vomit, snot and pureed food, she really needs someone to tell her she’s doing a wonderful job. This little boost is all it takes to get you through.

  • Quite a few of my friends are new mums. I think what they have needed most is support, love, hugs, a shoulder to cry on and friendly voice saying that even though you feel terrible you are doing a wonderful job………then do their housework, washing and cook dinner:)

  • A new mum really needs an hour to herself for a massage!! Such a stress reliever and perfect for catching up on sleep :p

  • To be honest all I needed was to know that my baby was healthy and doing everything that she needed to be & a shower lol . After those long nights that felt like they were never going to end a shower and some yummy breaky can make you feel a little more human again. Xxoo

  • A new mum needs to hear it’s okay.
    There is no right or wrong, it is whatever works for you and your baby.
    We are all different!

  • I believe a new Mumma really needs a *clone* of herself, a Coffee Machine at the ready and a weekly massage accompanied by a mani & pedi 😉

  • A new mum needs to know to savour every moment. A baby grows so fast and is a beautiful thing to watch. Not to worry about a clean house.
    Coffee is always a good start to the day and sleep when the baby sleeps.

  • You know, a teething necklace is actually on my list of something a new mum needs! This will be my third time round, and I think all I really need is a good baby carrier and the rest we’ll just work out!

  • One word. Sleep. Failing that, an inner strength to be the kindest she can be to herself as possible. A cute necklace and easy to wash pram liner wouldn’t hurt either.

  • A new mum can always do with the extra help and hands as things sometimes just get too much and help is always appreciated

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