3 Ways to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Shopping

buyer's remorse

If you find shopping for your family increasingly difficult then you’re not alone, research from Coredata and Choosi showed 90% of Aussies find shopping choices more overwhelming than ever.

When you’re buying for yourself, the home and the little ones it’s easy to end up coming home with something you regret. In fact, research also showed a whopping 70% of Aussies admit to coming home with something they’ve never even used.

Whether it’s a splurge you could have done without or a product that isn’t quite right here are three ways to avoid buyer’s remorse next time you’re at the shops.

Do your research

Impulse buying is the quickest way to experience buyer’s remorse and the easiest way to put a stop to this is to do your research before you leave home. Go online to compare products and read reviews. Divide your research on the things you want and the things you need to see how different the two are. When shopping for groceries, draw up a list at home and stick to it so you won’t be tempted by the seductive snack items at checkout. You and your partner already make a great team so use them to help frame your research. 62% of respondents in the research agreed that peer support helped make the decision-making process easier so try talking with your spouse to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s money well spent or wasted.

Spend savings, not credit

Planning your budget around the money you have sounds simple but failing to spend within your means is way more common than you think. Sound familiar? With one out of every three Aussie shoppers admitting to using credit cards to cover small purchases, you’re not alone. Putting your purchases on plastic may not feel like a big deal but if you don’t have the savings to pay it off you’re not getting ahead.

Tip: try clearing the saved data from your favourite online stores to make it less of a routine to make snap purchasing decisions online.

Focus on long-term benefits

Ever found yourself caught up in the hype of a ‘limited time only’ sale? If so you’ve probably been sold on something with short term convenience rather than long term value. Shopping for things that will stand the test of time will help reduce buyer’s remorse. This is especially true when shopping for your kids. As they age and mature their tastes will change so consider the potential longevity of any expensive purchases like toys or tech gadgets. Keep an eye out for return policies too. By avoiding retailers with strict return policies you’ll have more time with your product to see if it’s adding value to your life. Even if you never take it back the safety net of knowing you could will help you feel more comfortable with your purchases and make buyer’s remorse a thing of the past.

Planning your purchases from home, inside a budget that you’re comfortable with is the best way to avoid coming home feeling guilty. Stay in control of your spending using these tips and feel in control of your shopping once again.

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