Autumn style with Adrift

Autumn has to be my favourite season. I love the crisp mornings, snuggling under the blankets and the beautiful changing colours of nature.

Autumn also brings with it a very welcome wardrobe change, which for me is all about layers, tights and boots. I look and feel my best wearing long shirts or short dresses over tights or jeans with knee high boots. After four kids my legs still have it, but my tummy sure doesn’t!

The new Autumn collection from Adrift suits my style perfectly. I love the colours and the soft, drapey fabrics, and I am especially tempted by their silk dresses which look and feel sexy. Here’s a peek at some of my favourite pieces from their new Autumn collection:

Adrift can add a touch of bohemian fun to your wardrobe with bright and beautiful colours and fabrics. They also give you the freedom to be you, and offer something a bit different from the everyday with their range of clothing, accessories and homewares.

Disclosure: Her Collective received monetary payment and complimentary giveaway item/s for this post. 

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  • i always seem to be the last to get clothes. Everyone else grows out of theirs and needs new ones before mum can justify it on herself. Then when i do get there i seem to get the basic essentials and thats it! Desperate need for help!!

  • My mum wardrobe no longer fits and is full of what my hubby calls ‘mumsy’ pieces. I would like to feel more like myself again even in my mum role.

  • I’ve got a two year old and a five month old. I’m sleep deprived and an entirely different shape post pregnancy but have no time to update my wardrobe to reflect this yet!

  • Mums always put themselves last, and with four sons I’ve become the mum that wears a wardrobe of jeans and tees. Something pretty would be fabulous

  • My mum wardrobe is in serious need of topping up! I’ve done half the work of the makeover – I’ve finally ditched everything I no longer liked, fit into or thought I’d wear again. Now, the fun part – filling the wardrobe gaps!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    • It does feel good to purge your wardrobe! But I think if i did that I’d have nothing left!!

  • My wardrobe needs help ASAP as its full of trackpants and hoodies, which are great for when out in the rain coaching soccer or digging in the garden, but not so good for when I want to feel a bit special, and for when my partner decides it will be nice to take the family out for lunch or dinner.

  • Winning is not something that often happens at home so to win a competition like this would make my day, New clothes are always on the top of any Mums list!

    • New clothes are always on my list too… but they never seem to get high enough on the list for me to actually get them!

  • Most of my wardrobe doesn’t fit, and the clothes that do have mum telltale signs, like sticky fingerprints, paint or Spider-Man stickers that have melted on the clothes in the dryer. Help! 🙂

  • When ever I go shopping for myself I always somehow talk myself out of buying anything for me as ‘I don’t REALLY need it’ and I end up walking away with bags of clothes for the kids! Having new clothes always makes you feel fabulous and as such, new clothes are always appreciated and loved!

  • My ‘Mum’ wardrobe doesn’t include anything bar 2 dresses to go out in. I live in jeans, flanno’s and work boots (farm girl)… It’d be nice to have something nice to choose from when I go to town with the kids.

  • My wardrobe is seriously lacking personality and colour. It is tired, much like this Mum.

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