steggles recipe

Recipe ebook for easy school lunches

Having a hard time thinking of healthy and easy school lunchbox ideas for your kids? Well, this ebook is going to be a great source of inspiration. With the help of some school mum bloggers, Steggles has come up with some new recipes for you to try out. They are easy, delicious…

back to school

3 Tips to prepare for back to school time

There is only a week or two left of school holidays. Then it’s back to school. Back to the daily struggle of waking the kids up early, preparing their breakfasts and lunches, the drop offs and pick ups. Then there’s the homework and school activities, the neverending notes that get…

tonic alchemy

Tonic Alchemy review and giveaway

It’s the start of the year. Perfect time to change your naughty ways – or not. Has the hangover settled? Are you thinking of never drinking again? Here’s a drink you can try. Tonic Alchemy is a drink based on the life-enhancing power of turmeric. “We’ve taken the well-known benefits…

new year's resolutions

How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Each year many of us swear to do something different at the start of the year. But it rarely works. Here we have tips on how to keep your New Year’s resolutions. It doesn’t mean making drunken promises. Or grand goals when you’re feeling high on celebration. It means making…

unwanted presents

3 Things you can do with unwanted presents

The holiday is over and you are sorting through the presents. It’s okay to say that there are gifts you don’t like. We all get them. Maybe the kids got two of the same things or they already had one for their birthday. Whatever the reason, here are 3 things…

christmas gift

5 Unique Christmas gift ideas for kids

It’s that time of the year again. If you’re at the verge of panic, let us help you figure out some Christmas gift ideas for the kids. It may be tempting to go through the rows and rows of plastic toys made in China. But this Christmas think about a…

milky foot

Milky Foot review, giveaway

Want to remove hardened skin on their feet? Even if we don’t admit it in public, we all want it. Luckily, we at Her Collective had a chance to review Milky Foot. What is Milky Foot? It is a luxurious at-home pedicure treatment, which removes hardened skin through its intense…

unique Christmas gift ideas for her

5 Unique Christmas gift ideas for her

Are you scrambling for gift ideas? Or perhaps you are confused on what to put on your own wishlist. Here are five unique Christmas gift ideas for her. Ones that you can put on your own list as well. Maybe you don’t want to give the same gift each year….

THR1VE keto

THR1VE Keto Meal Plan review, PLUS Discount Code

If you’ve heard of Ketogenic Diet then you know it relates to the body using fats instead of carbohydrates – meaning it is best for weight loss. We reviewed the THR1VE meal delivery service before. Now, Her Collective has been lucky enough to trial the THR1VE Keto Meal Plan. Here…